For most people, getting into the Halloween spirit means donning a costume. Classy or sexy, homemade or store-bought - anything goes. Men who want to be truly original this season might think about putting some effort into a penis costume. There are a few penis care considerations to keep in mind with any regular costume as well. Those considerations, along with recommendations for dressing up the rod, can be found below.

Make an impression

Getting dressed up for Halloween is all about making an impression. For some men, this means nothing more than putting on a fake mustache and a plastic top hat. Other men opt for a total body transformation, revealing their inner Frankenstein or space alien for all to see.

How far one wants to go is an individual choice, but it’s a good idea to choose a costume that will be memorable, even if simply done. This is especially true if one is seeking to impress a new or potential partner; think about what might make an impression on her (or him). Should a man opt to wear something that’s thematically similar to what his "date" is wearing? Should he choose something that expresses a side of himself he rarely shows? Is this the opportunity to show how incredibly sexy he can look?

Consider (carefully) a penis costume

Tricks and treats are synonymous with Halloween. A man who is at an appropriate place in a relationship may decide to trick AND treat his partner by dressing his manhood up for the night as well. (Naturally, the unveiling of this organ disguise needs to take place in an appropriately private atmosphere). Some options for making a "Hallo-wiener" include:

- Body-painting the tool. Turn the penis into a snake, a hot dog, an elephant’s trunk, etc. One can let the imagination run wild here.

- Shaving. Perhaps Halloween is the night to experiment with genital shaving for a new look and a new sensory experience when the man and his partner explore how a smooth surface feels in action.

- Dressing it up. A bow can be a nice addition to a tool, but so can new underwear featuring a funny picture or a shocking color. Men shouldn’t be afraid to even make (or find) an actual costume for the tool.

- Toy with it. Throw in a sex toy, such as a penis ring, for extra fun.

Other things to remember

- If one purchases a cheap costume from a party store, it’s important to remember that these costumes are typically not built to last - and for that reason are often made of very cheap material. In other cases, a costume may be more sturdily built but may include a rough fabric. Consider how the fabric chosen may affect the penis. Is that nylon going to have an arousing effect rubbing against the glans? Is that burlap going to cause chafing? Wearing an extra layer of underwear may provide protection - but it may also make the tool extra hot, creating potential for heat rash.

- Spandex is popular on Halloween, especially for those going in for a science fiction look. Many Spandex outfits are made to be worn without underwear. This can sometimes lead to skin chafing; more importantly, it likely means that a protruding erection will be more visible should one occur. That’s not always an issue: Some men enjoy displaying their swollen member in this manner. If, however, a man feels uncomfortable with this (or if one is meeting a woman’s father for the first time), Spandex may not be the best option.

Having on hand (and using) a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make Halloween more enjoyable - and help maintain a healthy penis to boot. A penis that is de-sensitized from exposure to a rough Halloween costume can be aided by a cream with acetyl L-carnitine, which helps restore penis sensitivity. In addition, creams with a high-end emollient like Shea butter will be able to soothe a raw or sore penis and alleviate lingering pain.