Halloween is right around the corner, and those imbued with the spirit are either clamoring to put together a sweet costume or making their perfecting touches. Men may want to consider going the extra mile this year and incorporating a high dose of humor as well as sensuality into the holiday - for both themselves and their lovers. Since the element of surprise is a component of quality sex and therefore sexual health for many couples, men might be doing more than just making a few laugh by coming up with a Halloween costume for their penises. Consider the following penis costume ideas.

The Ghost

This is likely the easiest penis costume a man can pull together. Draw some eyes and a mouth on a tissue or a white washcloth with black marker or pen and drape the "sheet" over the erect penis. The man can lie in bed under the covers and, when his partner enters the room, unveil his dressed-up member with a "Boo!"

The Jack-O-Lantern

Body paint expands a man’s possibilities - it may be time-consuming, but a partner is bound to appreciate the effort a man puts into this. Paint the head orange and then replicate a carved jack-o-lantern face with other colors. A man can ask his partner to jack his lantern for a little word play fun.

The Professor

If a man can find a tiny pair of glasses, he can don them on his (penis) head for an intellectual look. Bonus points if he can find a tiny book or notebook to rest on his shaft, giving the impression that his manhood is studying hard. Additional points if he himself throws on a pair of glasses and takes up a book while waiting for his lover. A partner who walks in on such a study party is likely never to forget it.

The Elephant

Getting creative with some grey body paint can turn the penis into an elephant trunk. If a man is shaved, he can paint ears, eyes and a mouth on the surrounding groin region.

The Mushroom

Some people love psychedelic design schemes - vibrant colors, mushrooms and gnomes. A man can go crazy with colors painting his manhood like a majestic mushroom. Boost the magic of the atmosphere with a tiny gnome figurine placed nearby.

The Hotdog

Comparisons between penises and hotdogs go back probably as far as the invention of the hotdog. This makes for an easy costume. Once erect, dress the penis with a hotdog bun. The costume can be accentuated with green, yellow and red body paint as "condiments."

Any Phallic Produce Item

Zucchinis, cucumbers, carrots - for the fruit and vegetable lover with a dirty mind, there are many simulations of the male form in the produce aisle. Put the body paint to good use while making the penis look as nutritious and appetizing as possible.

When using body paint, it’s imperative to make sure it’s safe to use on the penis. It’s also a good idea to test the sensitive skin with a very small amount first to make sure no reactions occur. Also check to see if the paint can be ingested; it might be necessary to wash it off thoroughly before a lover provides oral sex, in case that results. Finally, it’s best to wash it off before penetration, since paints can irritate a partner internally.

When putting the penis on such display, a man wants to make sure he’s kept it in good condition. Skin health is important here. Dry, flaky skin is unsightly - not to mention, it can interfere with a man’s paint job on his new canvas. Using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can ensure that the penis is moisturized, soft and smooth - ready for a coat of paint, another’s eyes and a partner’s intimate touch.