Men on the quest for penis enlargement often turn to the internet for information on the best ways to go about it. Natural supplements form one of the main categories of enlargement products, and understandably so; many men are more comfortable trying something natural that likely benefits overall health as opposed to a contraption or device designed to forcibly lengthen the member. However, do nutrients actually increase penis size? How else do these products impact penis health? Below, men can find information on whether these common supplements marketed for penis growth are effective.

Do they work?

- Vitamin B5: No dice. Vitamin B5 is an important nutrient for a number of reasons, including the fact that it aids in proper cell metabolism, which keeps cells in the body healthy. This benefit extends to the penis, but it won’t extend the penis.

- Vitamin A: No, this vitamin will not make the penis bigger. However, it is a powerful antibacterial agent, meaning it can help reduce bacteria on the manhood, thereby cutting down on unwanted odors.

- Vitamin C: A man could eat citrus fruits all day and this would not in any way impact penis size. The vitamin is great for the body generally and the penis specifically, though. Vitamin C promotes healthy circulation, something crucial for erectile health. It is also a factor in collagen production, which is needed to keep skin firm and radiant.

- Acetyl L-Carnitine: This amino acid may be crucial for healthy heart and brain function, along with a host of other bodily processes, but a bigger penis is not on its list of effects. It should be noted that the amino acid protects nerves in the body, which could help the penis maintain sensitivity. Over the years, generally through rough handling, the penis can experience partial de-sensitization. Keeping the member sensitive is important for sexual enjoyment and function.

- L-Arginine: Another amino acid, L-arginine is a rock star when it comes to healthy blood flow. It contributes to the production of nitric oxide, which helps keep blood vessels open to allow for better circulation. Will it make the penis bigger? Not at all. Will it assist in maintaining erectile health? Likely.

Health over size

From pills and powders to devices and exercises, the penis enlargement market offers no shortage of products that play off men’s fears. But these fears concerning their penis size are unwarranted. A full 95% of men fall within average range (with about 2.5% above it and 2.5% below it), and average is perfectly capable of providing and experiencing sexual pleasure. Penis size says nothing about a man’s character or sexual prowess. And even if a man has a smaller-than-average member, he can likely learn ways to maximize its impact.

Men who experience significant distress concerning their penis size would be better off speaking with a counselor to cultivate healthier body image than they would be wasting money and time on enlargement gimmicks. Addressing the root of the problem - which is in a man’s perception, not his pants - is the most effective path to achieving mental wellbeing.

As noted above, the nutrients that some claim will make the penis bigger do come with benefits for the penis, albeit not in terms of size. Because they are healthy parts of a man’s diet, he ought to seek them out.

While diet is an important source of nutrients, men may also want to consider applying nutrients directly to the manhood with a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Man1 Man Oil contains the above vitamins and amino acids along with Shea butter, which is a quality moisturizer that will keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. While men are advised to avoid penis enlargement products, they would be wise to invest in products that promote the health of the manhood.