The penis enlargement industry has been feeding men’s unwarranted fears about penis size for years. Some people have gotten rich off the promises they’ve made to anxious men - promises that likely fall flat. But in addition to concerns over effectiveness, men should also pay attention to the fact that such products and techniques, no matter how natural, may pose risks to penis health.


Jelqing is a manual technique that is meant to stretch the penis. A man performs this move by forming a circle with his pointer finger and thumb around the base of the penis, then pulling upward with light pressure to just beneath the head, following with the same motion with the other hand. This is repeated for up to half an hour, with each stroke lasting about three seconds.

Jelqing may appear to be similar to masturbation, but it’s not the same. It’s hard to determine the "right" amount of pressure to apply. It’s also not safe to perform on an erect penis, and the motion shouldn’t involve the head. Disregarding these safety notes, or performing the move with too much pressure or too intense a rhythm, could lead to pain, blood vessel damage and even scar tissue formation.


Some men are so eager for size increases that they’re willing to either stick their members into odd contraptions that stretch them out or to hang weights off them almost all day, every day. These devices aren’t well studied, so the extent of the associated risks is not known. It is possible that weights can in fact increase length, but this comes with serious risks, including: burst blood vessels, tissue death, nerve damage and torn tissues. Of particular interest to men with concerns in the size department is the fact that any length gained from the arduous use of stretching devices will likely come at the expense of girth. For many people, girth is an important component of sexual enjoyment.


Penis pumps are designed for guys with erectile dysfunction; they force blood into the penis, facilitating erections for people incapable of getting them on their own. This is an important medical device, then. But some guys use them recreationally, with the hopes that they will make their members bigger.

While a penis pump may cause a temporary swell, it’s not going to lead to a permanently larger member. Pumps can lead to some pretty unsavory consequences, however, including skin dots from bleeding under the skin and, with prolonged or frequent use, damage to the elastic tissues of the member that facilitate strong erections. Think about that: Is a pipe dream worth damaging sexual capacity over?


Many pills are marketed to increase penis size; as "natural" products, they may seem perfectly safe. And some of these pills may even contain nutrients that support penis health in a number of ways, such as by benefitting the circulatory system. However, the supplement market isn’t regulated. It’s generally impossible to know for sure what exactly one is getting, since manufacturers may not report all ingredients, or may report some that aren’t actually in a product. (Not to mention, nutrients can’t make the penis bigger anyway!) Remember: Natural doesn’t always mean safe.


Applying a cream to the penis may seem like a good way to make it bigger - getting the good stuff directly on the member. As mentioned above, no nutrients are going to make the penis bigger. Creams that tout enlargement capacities may contain ingredients that can irritate the delicate skin.

However, not all creams made for the penis are for the spurious purpose of enlargement. Products actually worth investing in are those that support penis health, and a moisturizing cream can be a great addition to a man’s care regimen. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter and vitamin E will nourish and hydrate the skin, preventing dryness that often occurs from chafing. Keeping the skin supple and vibrant is important both for maintaining a beautiful manhood and for preserving sensitivity into the future. If a man wants to enhance his penis, he ought to focus on its health and relax about its size. He can learn how to use what he’s got, and treat it right to keep it going strong in the long run.