Exhibitionism is a common sexual fantasy for men and women alike. Exposing part of one’s body in a sudden manner can feel both liberating and sexually thrilling. But the exhibitionist must take extreme care when acting out his or her fantasy. For a man, penis exposure can easily become a legal issue, not to mention a moral one. Viewing another’s sexual organ is a sexual act and, as such, requires explicit consent. While it may seem like a fantasy best resisted, then, one shouldn’t forget that a satisfying sexual life is important in many areas, from penis health to mental well-being. Therefore, it’s important for men to learn about safe, legal and moral ways in which they may indulge their desires. (And if that doesn’t work, men should seek out the assistance of a sex therapist.)

Role Play

If the idea of exposing oneself in a public setting is very enticing to a man, he may want to find a consenting partner, or multiple partners, with whom to act out such scenarios. They may, for example, place chairs in rows to mimic a bus or train, and the "passengers" can engage themselves in reading the paper or listening to music while the exhibitionist unzips his pants. He may draw different reactions from the different passengers, and how far he takes his exposure depends on his fantasy. He may simply want his penis to be seen; he may want to play with it; he may want others to get physical with him.

This is but one example of role playing. Men can act out scenarios at clubs, on the beach, in the locker room, etc. A man may toy around with different levels of exposure in each scenario, from touching his manhood to masturbating to engaging in sexual activity with one or more partners.

Surprised Partner

If the element of surprise is important to a man, he may want to consider seeking out a partner who likes to be surprised. Such a partner might get a thrill from unexpected dick pics or from entering the room to find the exhibitionist suddenly exposed. In such an arrangement, boundaries need to be laid out and made crystal clear. Two people should talk about boundaries before engaging in any type of sexual activity, and should touch base throughout their relationship and update parameters if necessary.

Find a Party/Club

Sometimes there’s nothing like being watching by strangers, and men with such a desire may find fulfillment by attending a club that provides designated spaces for open exposure or sexual activity. A man may also find himself invited to a party at another like-minded individual’s house where couples can get together and enjoy themselves.

Finding out about such places and events may be the tricky part. One resource men can try is FetLife, an online community primarily comprised of kinksters. Seeing what the community is like in one’s area can be a good place to start. Many communities hold "munches" - non-sexual, informal gatherings for making connections in one’s area. One may find himself informed of places and events to his liking at such a gathering.

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