When it comes to male body image, men’s ideas are likely shaped by the images they see in various media. Weight and muscle mass are two popular areas of concern for men, but particularly notable are body image issues surrounding the penis. Anxiety about what is "normal" and "right" for the penis can range from the occasional nuisance to chronic stress that creates mental and sexual health problems. Part of good penile care is maintaining a positive view of what one is packing. Guys should consider the following penis facts next time they’re feeling worried about their members.

1) Bumps (benign)

Some men have bumps on their penises that are natural anatomical variations and nothing to be concerned about. Of course, if a man is unsure as to what kind of bumps he has, or noticed them appear suddenly, he should seek diagnosis to ensure they are not harmful or contagious. But if he has Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules, he has nothing to be concerned about.

Fordyce spots are small white or yellow dots on the penis; they are oil glands that hold fluids that lubricate the skin. On some guys, they are visible. Some women also have them on the vulva, and some people have them in their mouths.

Pearly penile papules are white bumps that form in one or more rows on the ridge of the penile head, resembling a pearl necklace. They are more common in uncircumcised men.

While the penises men are accustomed to seeing in adult videos don’t likely have these anatomical variations, this in no way means that they are ugly or bad in some way. Try to think of them as a unique feature.

2) Curvature

Another common feature of the porn penis is straightness. However, penis curvature is not a rare thing. What is more, it can actually be a true pleasure in the bedroom for partners. A penis that curves up, down or to the side can stimulate areas of the vagina that a straight manhood would have difficulty hitting. A man should only be concerned about curvature if it interferes with sex (including if it causes partners pain) or masturbation.

3) Size

Size is likely the most common penile concern by far. For some reason, guys think an 8" monster is the gold standard, but 1) this is way longer than the average range (4.5-6") and 2) an average-sized penis is plenty capable of providing pleasure. In fact, many women are wary of very big penises.

4) Foreskin

Is foreskin unclean? Ugly? Cultural misconceptions would have one answer yes, but when one really thinks about it, the answer is just as easily no. If a man takes proper care of what he has, then foreskin is not unclean. He must simply wipe away smegma to inhibit bacterial buildup. And there’s nothing inherently ugly about skin. Men should keep in mind that perception is influenced by many things, and understanding that his foreskin is neither unnatural nor unclean can help him see it as not only acceptable, but possibly even an attractive feature.

The role that proper care plays in how one looks and feels should not be underestimated. Guys who are working to improve their body image should, then, also take steps to take better care of themselves, and that includes the penis. Along with showing it plenty of love in the form of solo play and proper washing, guys can start using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). This product is a real treat for penile skin, with natural moisturizers (Shea butter and vitamin E) to combat and prevent dryness. Vitamin A is another key ingredient that can help fight bacteria and cut down on unwanted odors. Look good, feel good and take good care.