As women simply don’t have a penis, it’s entirely possible there may be some penis facts men take for granted, but which might be news to women. In order to help women better understand matters related to penis health, function and appearance, we offer the following array of facts. Some may be rather obscure to women, some rather obvious - but all are valuable.

1. It’s not impervious to harm. Men like to talk about how rock-hard their erections are and to act as if their penis could withstand anything thrown at it. The fact is, a penis can indeed be hurt - and is potentially more likely to suffer injury when erect than when flaccid. There are no bones in the penis, so it can’t technically be broken. But it can suffer severe trauma, such as might be caused when an erect penis unintentionally slams against a hard surface.

2. It comes in more than two sizes. Yes, the penis is generally hard or soft, but it can also be somewhere in between. And even when it is either hard or soft, there can variation in its size. For example, a guy whose penis is typically around 3 inches when soft may be half that size when emerging from a swimming pool full of really cold water. And a man’s erect penis may typically be, say, 5.5" inches - but could be a little longer or shorter at certain times.

3. Just because a guy ejaculates doesn’t always mean the sex has to end. Yes, for some men, rapid deflation sets in after ejaculating. But other men retain enough of a firmness to continue thrusting away until their partner has achieved satisfaction as well.

4. There’s more to it than meets the eye. The shaft of the penis continues on a little ways inside the body. Sometimes when a man is overweight, a roll of fat may also hide the base of the shaft. If he loses that extra flab, the hidden shaft becomes exposed, making it appear as if he has added a little length to his manhood.

5. It’s actually the blood. Yes, seeing a beautiful woman does inspire arousal in a man. But that inspiration depends upon physiological responses to result in an erection - and that means a rush of blood to the penis that fills out the spongy tissue in the organ to allow it to expand.

6. Even fetuses get horny. Okay, horny may be going a bit far - but little boys in the womb do develop erections as a simple matter of course.

7. Ejaculating helps prevent cancer. Recent studies have shown that men who ejaculate at least 21 times per month have a much lower risk of developing penis cancer later in life. So if a woman catches her man pleasuring himself frequently, there’s a medically sound reason for it.

8. It gets less sensitive with age. A sad truth, but most men lose some penis sensitivity as they age - which is one of the reasons that some older men report problems with erections. The friction doesn’t evoke the same degree of response it once did.

Also key among the penis facts women should know: Guys really should regularly apply a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to their members. The best crème will include a wide range of vitamins (such as A, B5, C D and E), the topical application of which will allow them to more directly target their benefits to the penis itself. It also helps if the crème contains L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that can help those suffering from diminished penis sensitivity, especially when rough handling is a primary cause.