For men with a sore member, penis healing is important. After all, when they're hurting, men shouldn't have sex. Who wants to miss out on that, right? As a result, it's not at all uncommon for wounded men to take their medications, change their bandages, wash properly and take any other penis care steps that might speed up the healing process. But if sore guys aren't paying attention to the vitamins they're giving (or not giving) their bodies, they could be missing out on all sorts of benefits. Here's why.

What Are Vitamins, Anyway?

Put plainly, vitamins are the little bits of nutrition that the body needs in order to do work. They're a little like the keys to a car. Without them, the engine won't start and the vehicle goes nowhere. Vitamins, like keys, are required to get the process going.

Some vitamins are stored in fat cells, meaning that a person could take in a bunch of vitamins at once and store them up for the future. But many other vitamins must be dissolved in water before the body can make use of them. These vitamins can't be stored, as they move out of the body in urine (the body's water) if they're not picked up as they make their journey through the digestive system.

Since so many vitamins are removed from the body every day, people must spend part of each day putting those vital elements back in, and that's especially important for men who have a sore penis.

How They Help

Penis injuries vary greatly. Some bleed, for example, while some involve strains and sprains. But no matter what the injury looks like, a body that must heal needs a lot of nutrition. And experts say that vitamins play a key role. The following promote penis healing:

- Vitamin A supports the immune system, which could help the body to fend off an infection after an injury.

- Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen, which is required when the body needs to make new skin cells.

- Vitamin E may boost the amount of oxygen in cells, which could help broken tissues to knit back together a little quicker.

Vitamin D is vital for bone production, and that could be quite important for men who, aside from penis soreness, have a bone injury somewhere in the body.

Of course, all of these vitamins are important at any time, but they're especially crucial when a man has an injury that's keeping him out of the bedroom. The body needs these substances even more then, and it's a man’s duty to provide them in adequate quantities.

How to Get Them

Vitamins like these are added to all sorts of foods today. Crackers and cookies are fortified with some vitamins, and even pastas and breads have levels a man needs in order to stay healthy. Popping vitamin pills can also be an option for men who don't want to purchase fortified foods.

But men are often panicked when their peckers aren't working quite right, and they tend to go overboard. Some guys might take in far too many vitamins all at once, just because they're trying to make things better and they're overcorrecting for the vitamins they think they need but have been lacking.

Sometimes, men can overdose on vitamins. The symptoms of vitamin overdoses are often subtle, and they include difficulty with sleep or concentration. Men might even experience irritability or numbness. But severe cases could make men sick with gastrointestinal symptoms.

That's why it's good to put vitamins on topically with a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Products like this aren't associated with overdose, but they can provide penis tissues with the help they need in order to get healthy. Products with vitamins A, E and C could be of particular use to men with sore male organs.