In the early years of a young man’s sex life, his main goals were likely to have sex as often as possible without getting anybody pregnant; and if he was able to do that, he was pretty darn successful. However, time goes on, and eventually, that same man may find himself hoping for just the opposite to happen - he wants to get his partner in a family way! For men struggling with this goal, it is particularly frustrating and ironic, having spent the better part of his adulthood avoiding pregnancy,that he is now coming upon difficulty getting the job done when he wants to. While fertility is not something that can be changed overnight - and in some cases a fertility specialist is needed - there are a few simple changes a man can make in his habits that might boost his fertility and penis health without medical intervention.

1. Ditch the Tighty-Whiteys: And that includes boxer briefs of any variety! Those little wigglers need a slightly cooler environment to thrive in terms of both numbers and motility (i.e. swimming ability), so a guy can give his sperm a fighting chance by dropping the ambient temperature a couple of degrees. When a man’s goods are crunched up against his body, as they are in briefs, they stay much warmer (sometimes too warm), which can lead to a lower sperm count. To boost fertility, men should therefore let the boys hang low and away from their body in loose-fitting boxers.

2. No more skinny jeans: In the same vein as too-tight underwear, pants that are tight are especially restrictive of the pelvic region, keeping the temperature to a less-than-ideal level. This is especially true during physical activity that gets a dude sweating - so, sorry fellas, no spandex shorts at the gym - stick to roomy basketball shorts instead!

3. Move the phone: Believe it or not, numerous studies have linked the radiation from cell phones to a reduction in fertility - especially in guys who carry their cell in the front pocket. Fertility experts recommend men carry it in their back pocket—at the very least - and never hang a cell phone on a belt clip or keep it in the front pocket when using a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth, as more radiation is emitted when the phone is in talk mode.

4. Skip the sauna: Sure, a soak in the hot tub or a steam in the sauna may feel great at the end of a long day, but once again, doing so drastically raises the heat of the entire body - including the scrotum. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures decreases sperm count and vitality, so it’s best to stay away from extreme heat until she gets pregnant.

5. Snuff the butts: Well, it probably comes as no surprise that cigarettes are bad for the health; but they are specifically bad for male fertility, as they are known to reduce sperm count. Plus, they harm the cardiovascular system, which reduces circulation and can damage erectile health - double whammy! Might as well kick the smoking habit now. Once there is a little bundle of joy in the house, smoking is a no-go anyhow - so ditch the cigs for the health of the penis and the growing family.

6. Say no to alcohol and drugs: Drugs and alcohol are a large contributor to male infertility - not only do they reduce sperm count and ability to swim, they also damage the sperm themselves, leading to a higher chance of miscarriage or other pregnancy issues and birth defects.

Maintaining Penis Health

Any damage inadvertently done to sperm or sperm production takes about 10-11 weeks to repair, so doing all these things for 1 or 2 days will not be long enough to rebound from low fertility. In addition to making these penis-healthy changes, couples trying to get pregnant will probably be increasing the frequency of their bedroom activities, which means penis health is more important than ever. To prevent penis chafing, soreness, and dry skin that can come with overuse, men should use a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) made with Shea butter and Vitamin E to keep the penis skin feeling good and ready for as much action as it is going to take!