When it comes to the penis, men believe in comfort and care. If they're told that something promotes penis health, they’re inclined to run right out and get it. But how much do men really know about the stuff they put on their bodies? For example, vitamin E has been called a manhood wonder drug, due to all of the penis health benefits each dose can bring. But chances are, men who use products with this ingredient probably don't know how it works or how to use it properly. This quiz can help to prove that point. Each statement is either true or false, and the answers are listed below.

The Statements

1) Vitamin E products are light and airy, so they can't cause breakouts or pimples.

2) Vitamin E works best when it's applied by itself. Adding any other ingredients makes it less powerful.

3) You don't need to either ingest or apply vitamin E to get all the benefits. The body produces some of the vitamin without any help whatsoever.

4) Regular application of vitamin E can make penile skin look younger.

5) Rough penis surfaces can also be helped with a regular application of vitamin E.

The Answers

1) False. Vitamin E is typically delivered in a product that looks and feels a lot like oil. It's thick, and sometimes, thick applications aren’t the best for the manhood skin. When products that are oily sit on top of the skin, they can block pores and cause breakouts. That's why it's vital for men to find penis products that aren’t overly greasy, so the help they're trying to provide doesn't cause further penis problems down the line.

2) False. Vitamin E is incredibly powerful, but the nutrient works a little better when it has teammates to rely on. For example, adding vitamin C to a penis product with vitamin E can provide the penis with a touch of sun protection, experts say. Combining vitamin E with other ingredients is a smart way for guys to get well-rounded protection.

3) False. Vitamin E is a very important element, but even so, the body can't produce it. Men must look for a way to get it from the outside.

4) True. As men age, the skin down there can go through all sorts of changes. It might:

- Wrinkle

- Thin

- Fold

- Tear

- Change color

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, meaning that it can work to counter the effects of aging. This kind of change doesn't happen immediately, but after a few applications, men might notice that their skin looks cleaner, brighter and less wrinkled. It's an excellent ingredient for men who want to look great as they age.

- True! When the penis is put to the test during sex, skin can be scraped or abraded, and the entire tool can begin to feel rough and raw. Sometimes, this kind of damage can even cause a guy pain. Vitamin E softens the rough surface of the skin, so a man feels less raw and more like getting down.

An Ideal Way to Get Benefits

Penis cells clearly need the help that vitamin E can offer. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is the best way to deliver those benefits. Quality products contain the right amount of vitamin E, optimized for penis health, while the cream goes on smooth and light, so it won't block pores or cause other problems. Additional ingredients, including vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and L-arginine, in each dose can also support the health of a man's tool by boosting nerve and circulatory function.