A walk down the personal care aisles of any pharmacy or supermarket reveals dozens, if not hundreds, of healing and moisturizing products for women, from moisturizers to stretch mark removers to anti-wrinkle crèmes. For the most part, men seem to be overlooked; yet men can often benefit from health creams and lotions, as well; in fact, there are numerous common penis problems which can be treated using a penis health oil containing penis-specific ingredients as part of a daily personal care routine. But of all the natural moisturizing ingredients that provide vital nourishment and healing benefits the key ingredient is – shea butter.

What is shea butter?

Shea butter is the oil that is pressed from the seeds of the fruit of the shea tree, which is commonly seen in the savannahs of Africa. Native peoples have used the oil from the shea fruit for centuries for treating issues ranging from burns, scarring, and psoriasis to dry skin and wrinkling. In recent years, Western medicine has come to recognize the many healing qualities of shea butter, and this all-natural ingredient can be found in high-end skin care and cosmetic items.

What are the penis health benefits of shea butter?

Dermatologists continue to investigate the numerous qualities of shea butter, noting that this moisturizing ingredient can provide important advantages when it comes to common penis problems and overall penis health. Penis creams containing shea butter as a prominent ingredient can be used to heal and protect, serving as a treatment for the issues described below:

Dry penis skin: Frequent masturbation, aggressive sex, and the chemicals in many commercial soaps and cleansers can cause drying and flaking of the penile skin; this can lead to soreness, itching, and even discomfort during sex, as well as lending an unattractive appearance. Moisturizers and penis health creams containing shea butter can help to keep the skin smooth and supple, leading to improved overall comfort and greater enjoyment of sex.

Red penis skin: A reddened appearance that does not immediately disappear can be alarming, especially when it is accompanied by itching and rash. While the thought of STDs cannot help but come to mind, red penis skin may also be caused by prolonged sex, fungal infections, or a skin condition known as psoriasis. Shea butter moisturizers are often recommended to provide relief for redness and itching and to prevent damage to the skin during masturbation or intercourse.

Diminished penis sensitivity: Men of all ages may notice diminished sensation in the penis skin; over time, frequent masturbation and aggressive sex can cause nerve damage which leads to a loss of sensitivity. By nourishing the delicate skin with moisturizing and penis health creams designed specifically for men, it is possible to improve sensitivity and prevent further loss of penile sensation.

Sore or sensitive penis skin: Penis skin that is highly sensitive to the touch may be an indication of an infection, but in general, it is simply a matter of overuse. Masturbation and intercourse place a great deal of stress on the sensitive penile skin; maintaining a healthy skin tone and texture can help to prevent skin damage caused by rough handling. Men who use penis health oils containing all-natural moisturizers often report significant improvement in the skin condition of the penis.

How to avoid these common penis problems

In order to avoid penis problems such as those described above, many men’s health specialists suggest treating the penis skin with a specialized penis health cream (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that can help to prevent and reverse problems such as dry skin, red penis, itching and irritation, and loss of sensation in the tip and shaft of the penis. Penis-specific ingredients such as vitamins A, E, and D, among others – along with natural moisturizers like shea butter, can help to improve the texture and appearance of the penis and promote the enjoyment of sex.