Although most men don’t give it much thought, their penis health is an important aspect of their overall physical health, not to mention their quality of life. A healthy penis can boost a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence, and it can provide a great deal more pleasure than a sickly tool. Therefore, it stands to reason that taking extra care of the goods can have important benefits, and a penis health crème is a vital part of this process. Here are just some of the reasons that men should be using a quality penile cream as part of their daily hygiene ritual.

1) Soothes dry, itchy penis skin. As a result of exposure to constant friction, whether from rubbing against his jeans or the palm of his hand - not to mention the heat generated by layers of clothing - the penile skin is often dry and itchy. When the urge to scratch becomes overbearing, men can find soothing relief from a cream formulated with gentle emollients such as Shea butter or jojoba oil.

2) Restores moisture. Beyond immediate relief for itching, a quality cream can boost hydration and lock in moisture for a healthier look and feel.

3) Prevents cracked, roughened skin. Dry penis skin can easily become cracked and roughened, and men with problems like this often experience considerable soreness or even bleeding. While creams and ointments should not be applied to broken skin, men can reduce the chances of developing the problem in the first place by ensuring that their penile tissue is healthy and well-hydrated.

4) Restores lost sensation. Frequent rubbing and aggressive masturbation techniques can desensitize the nerve tissue, as well as causing the outer layer of skin to become thicker and tougher. A nutrient cream can help reduce this effect, preventing loss of sensation and even restoring sensitivity in some men.

5) Boosts resistance to infection. Cracked, dry skin is naturally more prone to infection; keeping the skin hydrated makes it more difficult for fungal or bacterial infections to take hold.

6) Reduces unpleasant odors. The penis is no bed of roses, and even men who generally take care of hygiene issues can develop a funky aroma in their pants. Vitamin A, a natural antibacterial agent, is a good way to cut down on the mushroomy smell.

7) Enhances the skin’s natural lubricant properties. The skin produces natural oils that act as a lubricant, but when it comes to the penis, the body is not always capable of producing enough to keep up with the amount of friction and chafing that can occur. Hydrating creams can help provide a barrier to protect the penile skin during stroking and partner play.

8) Reduces early signs of aging. A cream with antioxidant properties can help boost the body’s defenses against disease. Antioxidants are also helpful in the battle against cell aging that can lead to thinner, wrinkled, old-looking skin. Applying a cream containing antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and/or alpha lipoic acid (ALA) may help slow the aging process.

9) Improves the overall appearance and feel of the penis. Skin that is healthy and vibrant just looks better, and it feels better, as well - both for the man and for his partner. Men with supple, smooth penile skin tend to have more confidence in the bedroom, and they are likely to experience a higher level of pleasure, too.

Choosing a crème

Not all moisturizing crèmes are created equal. While most moisturizing lotions contain ingredients that can soften and smooth the skin, not all of these are appropriate for the sensitive skin of the penis. That scented bottle of hand lotion on the bathroom counter may contain ingredients that can irritated the penile tissue. Instead, men should choose a targeted penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is formulated with the specific vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that can boost penile health, without the additives that are too harsh for the manhood.