There's nothing quite as bracing as a great workout at the gym, especially when it's followed by a little time in the sauna and a refreshing cold shower. Physical fitness is a worthy and admirable goal, but it's good to remember that penis health can sometimes be impacted by those visits to the locker room. A few small steps can help a guy take proper care of his junk and ensure that his favorite organ comes out of the gym as fit as the rest of him.

It's about hygiene.

Locker rooms are a great place to hang out and shoot the breeze with other guys. And let's face it, there's a definite plus to being in a place where a guy can "let it all hang out."

The problem is that a locker room is not always the cleanest place to be. At home, a guy can wipe out his own shower and disinfect surfaces to his heart's content (or not, of course). At the gym, even assuming that the management does a top-notch job of keeping things neat, tidy and cleansed, lots of guys pass through the space every day. Even the best efforts can't keep some germs and bacteria from getting left behind. And, when pressed, most guys will admit to urinating in their own shower on occasion. It doesn't take too much to assume that this has happened once or twice in a public shower as well.

Mind the curtains!

Beyond that, there's the simple fact that warmth and dampness create a hospitable environment for the promotion of mold and mildew. If showering in a stall with a curtain, guys need to take a few extra pains to avoid letting the curtain come in contact with their penises to avoid any mold or other fungus getting on their equipment. As men know only too well, once a fungus gets on the tool, it can spread like wildfire.

Watch the soap.

Sharing another person's soap is a good way to contract skin rashes, flakiness and other dermatological issues. Especially when dealing with relative strangers, one doesn’t know what forms of psoriasis or other skin problems a man may have. Even using a fresh, unwrapped bar may not be safe; the penis can be very sensitive to fragrances added to soaps. Whenever possible, a man should bring and use his own soap.

The same goes for shaving cream, especially if one is fond of closely shaving the pubic bush. This is better done at home, but if done in a gym shower, a man should use his own cream and keep the razor as clean as possible.

Watch the towels, too.

Just as sharing soap should be avoided, so too should sharing another man's towel. He may have washed it with a strong detergent that will irritate sensitive penis skin. Only under extreme circumstances should a guy dry off with a towel that has already been used by another man; again, the chance of picking up germs, fungus or skin-related issues from the towel is too great to risk.

Most gyms offer clean towels to their members, so this is often one's best bet. Make sure to use these towels in all appropriate situations - place one on the bench before sitting the bare butt down, wear one in the sauna, etc.

Wear your own jock.

This should go without saying, but a guy simply shouldn't wear another guy's jock or underwear. Even when undergear has been freshly laundered, it's not responsible penis care to borrow clothing that cuddles another man's junk.

Apply a crème.

Finally, apply a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the penis after showering in the locker room, and make sure it contains vitamins A and D. Why? Vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties which, among other things, fight penis odor; vitamin D has been proven effective in combating disease and assisting in cell functionality. Directly applying a vitamin-rich crème to the penis helps "target" the vitamins and aids them in keeping the equipment healthy.