Most men have a basic understanding of what the penis is and what it's designed to do. But, it’s likely that the average guy doesn't really know everything about the power that he packs in his pants and the penis care steps he should take to keep everything healthy. This quick quiz might help to uncover the knowledge gaps about penis health and function that could be keeping some guys behind.

The Questions

1. A penis is supposed to be straight, right?

2. True or False: The penis is called a "boner" because it has a bone in it.

3. When the average penis is erect, how long is it?

4. True or False: Penis rashes are usually caused by STDs.

5. Is masturbation bad for you?

6. True or False: Penis pimples should always be popped.

7. What should men do to keep the penis healthy throughout life?

The Answers

1. While most people think of the penis as a perfectly straight tool, experts suggest that banana shapes are much more common in average men. Some bending or curving is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, rough sex play, including masturbation, may erode some of the tissues that support the penis, and that damage can make the tool bend or curve in a more obvious, and inconvenient, fashion. When this curvature becomes so severe that it impairs normal activity, surgical intervention may be required.

2. False. While the penis can be rock hard at times, there's no bony structure involved. Blood and soft tissues do all of the heavy lifting during an erection. Even so, men who hit a hard object with their hard bodies during sex can sometimes experience ruptures of the penile tissue that require prompt medical treatment.

3. About 5 to 6 inches. While men love to boast about how big they are, and how much bigger they can be when they're excited about something or someone, a tool that measures more than about 6 inches when hard is incredibly rare.

4. False. While some infections passed from one body to another during sex can cause symptoms that look a lot like a rash, there are a number of other irritants that can cause red, raised bumps to burst into life. Men who use perfumed soaps or laundry detergents, for example, can experience rashes, as can men who spend time in swimming pools. Irritants are everywhere, not just in the bodies of sex partners, and they can be responsible for all sorts of problems a man might deal with down there.

5. Not always. Spending time alone is great, in terms of boosting the mood and providing guys with more information about their bodies. But men who get a little too vigorous during these sessions can do a great deal of damage in no time at all. If men go slow, use lubricant and pay attention when pain occurs, the activity is generally considered beneficial.

6. False. Broken skin is a favorite nesting place for bacteria, and once those microbes are in place, they can do a significant amount of damage. Blisters, bumps and other raised spots on the penis might heal without any kind of help from pinching fingers, but breaking the skin can almost certainly make the problem worse. These are issues that are best dealt with by a professional, like a doctor or a dermatologist, rather than by a worried guy at home.

7. Use a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Quality products contain a rich mix of nutrients that can support the health of the skin, the blood vessels and the nerves that support the penis. These products can also keep skin smooth and soft, so it can stretch and contract with ease. Using a product like this could be vital for men who really want to stay healthy for life.