Sex, and a lot of it, is the one element men tend to cite as necessary to penis health. Unless they get enough sex, most guys reason, the penis will go to waste and serve as little more than a personal toy or component of the urinary system. So having sex is vital. But this one-item list leaves out a lot of crucial elements. In fact, there are all sorts of things required for optimal penis care. This quiz highlights just a few of them.

Match the penis need with the ingredient below, and scroll down to the bottom of the article for the answer key.

Penis Needs

1) Enhanced sensitivity. The sensory cells on a man's tool need to be highly sensitive. A man wants them to feel touch, pressure and moisture. And they'll need to feel those sensations acutely. That's the only way that sex and solo play will be enjoyable.

2) Maximum blood flow. The penis doesn't go up and down with muscles. In fact, there are very few muscles at all in a man's rod. Instead, the action comes from blood. When this liquid can move out of the muscles and into the penis in a hurry, the penis can grow hard as it should. And that erection makes sex possible.

3) Smooth skin. The wrapper of skin that covers the penis should be smooth and elastic, so bacteria can't take up residence in cracks. Smooth skin allows offending elements to be washed away, so a man won't be plagued with the redness and pain that comes with an infection.

4) Increased moisture. In order for skin to remain smooth and soft, it needs to retain the moisture a man takes in through his diet. Heating elements, air conditioning and certain types of fabrics can all conspire to make skin lose moisture quickly. That's why skin needs something on the outside to hold the moisture in.

Necessary Ingredients

1) L-arginine. This element goes through multiple steps in the body, until it's ultimately turned into something known as nitrous oxide. That substance helps blood vessels to relax, which could promote better penis function.

2) Acetyl l-carnitine. This supplement springs into action when the cells of the penis are injured during particularly rough sex. It helps to soothe distress at the cellular level, so the penis will be ready to perform when it's time for sex.

3) Vitamin E. In a pure form, this ingredient might feel oily and slick. That's just what skin needs. When this element is applied properly, it works like a barrier on the outside of the skin, giving it just what it needs for ideal health.

4) Shea butter. This natural ingredient, which comes from the bark of the Shea tree, is jam-packed with emollients. After just a few applications, cracks in skin tend to smooth out and the skin as a whole feels softer and smoother.

Answer Key

1) B

2) A

3) D

4) C

Where to Get it All

There's no need for men to make a shopping list out of this article. In fact, most of the things mentioned here can be found in one place: inside of a bottle of penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products have been specifically formulated to provide sensitive penile tissues with the elements they need to stay healthy. And a daily application of these products is a pleasure. The goodness goes on smoothly, with no offensive odor left behind. Some people use it as part of an after-sex cleanup, while others use the product after a shower in order to get ready for sex. Either way, the product can provide intense relief.