Maintaining first rate penis health is an admirable goal for any man. But sometimes there can be a bit of confusion about what exactly is best for penis health. For example, when a new technique or treatment appears on the horizon, it may promoted as a benefit but might actually have some downside to it. Such is likely the case with the developing trend to try to flash freeze the penis.

Say what?

Yes, there has been a recent development in sexual matters in which people are encouraged to flash freeze their genitals. And it’s drawn from the larger trend toward cryotherapy.


Originally, cryotherapy was the use of very low temperatures in medical therapy. It was developed as a way to treat a range of lesions, both malignant and benign. In a modified, very local way, it is often used to "freeze off" stubborn warts, for example.

More recently, cryotherapy has become a trendy (and typically expensive) spa treatment. Full-body cryotherapy is often used to relieve extensive muscle aches, to lose weight and to rejuvenate their skin.

With full-body cryotherapy, a person enters a chamber that covers the entire body (save for the head) into which liquid nitrogen is pumped. The temperature of liquid nitrogen reaches as low as negative 256 degrees. People, in other words, flash freeze their body for a short time (between 3 and 30 minutes, typically).

The penis freeze

However, cryotherapy does not have to be restricted to a "full body" experience and can be applied locally instead. Some spas are now offering this service for the penis, although it is not an "immersive" experience as it is with the full body. Instead, somewhat warmer (about negative 160 degrees) liquid nitrogen vapor is blasted at the penis for about half an hour in order to freeze it. The idea is to create a more handsome penis.

Is this a good thing?

Should a man subject his penis to subzero temperatures? Is this something that can be good for his penis health?

First, it’s important to know that there is a startling lack of scientific studies on what might be called "cosmetic" cryotherapy - and that even medical cryotherapy is considered controversial by many doctors. The very real risk of frostbite exists, as does the possibility of inert gas asphyxiation.

In terms of flash freezing the penis, the proclaimed benefits include vasoconstriction, which opens up blood vessels more fully and rapidly, which should be a plus for erectile function; increased endorphin production, which could translate into a more relaxed receptivity for sexual pleasure; and more youthful, handsome penis skin due to increased production of new skin cells to replace those killed in the freezing process.

These pluses sound good on paper. Unfortunately, there have been no studies done to verify the claims that these promised benefits actually occur as a result of flash freezing the manhood. Whether the vasoconstriction lasts beyond the visit to the spa is questionable, and the fact that the process damages penis skin gives rise to worries about how it might affect the sensitivity as well. There also seems to be little fact-based evidence that freezing the penis results in a mighty rush of endorphins - or that the rush has long-lasting benefits if it does exist.

Rather than try to flash freeze the penis, a man is much better off with a more basic penis health regimen - simple hygiene, checking for signs of problems and regularly using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The best crème will include L-arginine, an ingredient which naturally helps to boost nitric oxide production and thereby safely keep penile blood vessels open and receptive. The crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that battles free radicals and decreases oxidative stress, thereby keeping penis skin looking younger and healthier - without freezing.