When it comes to their penises, most men are happy to learn about new and different ways to use them for maximum pleasure as well as the novelty factor. However, it’s just as important to know what not to do with the precious tool; this knowledge can protect men from a penis injury and performance problems, helping to ensure that the penis is kept in tip-top shape throughout a man’s life. For optimal penis health, a man should avoid the following.

1) Using weights in an attempt to add length

While it may be tempting for a man to strap on a weight and stretch his tool - and some stretching may occur - this is a dangerous practice. The piece that clamps onto the penis can cut off circulation to the head and top part of the shaft, and this could lead to reduced sensation; in a similar vein (pun intended), such a device can lead to nerve damage. Stretch marks may result on the skin. Worst of all, in extreme cases of prolonged use, lack of adequate blood flow could result in the need for amputation, and that’s something never worth the risk.

2) Throwing caution to the wind when she’s on top

Another penis injury best avoided at all costs is a fracture. Though there are no bones in a boner, the chambers that fill with blood to create an erection can burst open. When this occurs, a popping sound is usually heard. The noise is accompanied by severe pain and immediate bruising as blood escapes the chamber(s).

Penis fractures are rare, but one of the main causes is careless re-entry when a woman is on top. If she’s grinding and pounding away and the penis slips out, it’s important to carefully realign and reinsert it. If she comes down at the wrong angle, this treacherous injury can result.

3) Using a powerful soap

Keeping it clean is important for penis health, right? Some men think a strongly-fragranced soap with antibacterial properties is ideal for their members, but this is quite inaccurate. Penile skin is delicate and prone to drying out. Even mild soap can result in some drying, as it can strip away the natural lubricating oils from a man’s skin. In addition, fragrances can cause irritation (as well as masking a man’s natural scent, which can be quite pleasant), and antibacterial agents in soap disrupt the penis’s natural state, resulting in potential irritation. Either skip the soap or go for the mildest natural option out there.

4) Forsaking lube

When a man has a sexual partner who tends to produce plenty of natural lubrication, he may not feel a need to keep any bottled stuff around. However, a woman’s body isn’t always consistent with lube production. Hormonal changes can quickly result in drying; in addition, even a woman who is slippery as all get-out at the beginning of sex can dry out at some point during the act. Inadequately lubricated sex can result in rawness and soreness both of the vagina and penis. Having some lube around is key to avoiding friction-related injuries.

Enough with the don’ts - what should a man do with his tool? Plenty of things. One way he can show his member a bit of kindness is to apply a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. A quality cream will contain natural moisturizers like Shea butter for smooth and supple skin; additional nutrients, like acetyl L-carnitine and L-arginine, promote nerve health and proper circulation, two essential elements of penis health. Deadened nerves can limit enjoyment of sex, and poor blood flow can lead to performance problems, including the inability to become erect. Such a product is one of many ways to support penile health.