No guy wants to have a penis injury. In fact, some guys might not even want to think about what such an injury might look like. But it pays for men to think ahead, because chances are, every dude out there is going to hurt himself at one time or another. Here are a few penis care do’s and don'ts any guy can follow when the inevitable does happen to him.

Penis Care Don'ts

Cuts, bruises, tears and compressions are just a few of the horrible injuries that can impact a penis on any given day. All of these injuries are different and, not surprisingly, they all need slightly different kinds of treatment. But there are a few steps men often take in response to any injury that can make healing difficult.

For example, any kind of blow to the lap is quite painful, and men might reach for ice packs to make the misery stop. However, slapping something frozen on bare skin is a terrible idea. Bloody, wet skin can stick to ice, and those tissues can tear away when the frozen item is removed. Very cold packs can also damage the cells of the penis, resulting in more bruising or even tissue death.

Men who forgo ice packs might simply choose to overlook their pain and discomfort, especially if they got hurt while having sex. These guys might think they're being tough if they keep on having sex even when their members are hurt. This is a bad idea, as tissues need to rest in order to heal up. All sex should stop, sadly, until the guy feels better down there.

Penis Care Do’s

While putting ice directly on the penis is a no-no, men can get relief from pain in the immediate aftermath of an injury by placing a towel, a shirt or another piece of cloth between the wounded skin and the cooling object. This little buffer can keep skin from sticking, and the added protection will prevent damage to the delicate tissues.

If that ice doesn't take the pain away quickly, an over-the-counter pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce any inflammation that may be present and allow a man to get at least a little relief. These medications don’t work right away, of course, but they can eventually make a big difference for men in pain.

Seeing a doctor is a must for men who have serious injuries that involve:

- Heavy bleeding

- Deep cuts or lacerations

- Intense bruising

- Loud cracking noises

Any or all of these symptoms could indicate that a man's problem is significant, and that medical attention is required to facilitate healing. Visiting the emergency room for a penis problem might seem embarrassing, but it’s better than the alternative, which is an unhealed penis.

In the days that follow an injury, the pain and swelling should fade away. But until they do, men should avoid engaging in any kind of physical activity that involves the penis. This means no sex with partners and no masturbation. It might sound absolutely terrible, but this is the kind of break the body really needs in order to heal.

When that skin is healed, a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be applied. Quality products contain softening agents that can help skin to stay supple, so it is more likely to stretch rather than tear. These products also contain the vitamins skin cells need in order to repair themselves after an injury. In short, these products might help men maintain optimal penis health and prevent injury in the future. Be sure never to apply such a product to skin that is broken or bleeding.