The phrase "penis injury" is bound to strike fear in the heart of any man, and for good reason. From pain to impaired sexual function, there’s nothing to be desired about an injury to the member. In the interest of maintaining penile health, beware of the following causes of manhood injury.


Many men on the quest for a larger manhood turn to the enlargement industry for products that promise to fulfill that goal. Along with being ineffective, some of these products are dangerous.

The vacuum pump is one device some men use in pursuit of a longer penis. The device fills the penis with blood, causing erection and sometimes a temporary swell. It does not, however, lead to permanent increased length. While the device is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction who can’t obtain erections without it, pumps shouldn’t be used recreationally. Frequent or prolonged use can actually damage the elastic tissue within the penis that facilitates strong erections.


Friction feels good, and many men forego lube during masturbation. While some men produce ample natural lubrication to make this safe, some guys simply don’t. Dry-rubbing, especially with frequency or with a rough touch, can lead to sore, chafed skin. Over time, the skin can toughen in response to this repeated abuse, becoming less sensitive. No man wants that.

Lathering up

Many guys are concerned about unpleasant penis odor. Some turn to the strongest-smelling antibacterial soaps they can find in an effort to combat that problem. But such soaps are often too harsh for the penis skin. They tend to dry it out, leaving it in poor condition. Cracks in dry skin provide harboring zones for bacteria, fungi and viruses, leaving the penis susceptible to infections.

Hot water

Another thing that dries the skin out is hot water. The penis should be washed with warm water, not hot, in order to keep the skin healthy.

Careless cowgirl

When a woman is riding a man, the two need to be aware that, in this position, it’s easy for the penis to strike the woman’s pelvic bones at an odd angle, causing injury. This injury may result in temporary soreness causing a delay in continued activity or something much more severe, like a penis fracture.

When the penis fractures, one or both of the chambers that hold blood to create erections ruptures. This is a medical emergency, and generally requires surgery. Though it’s a very rare injury, men should know that it’s most likely to happen when she’s on top.

Zipping up

Whether a guy likes going commando or is just throwing on shorts to run to the bathroom, he may experience the dreaded penis-in-zipper scenario at some point. Men with foreskin are more susceptible to this injury, as they have more loose skin when flaccid to get caught in between those metal teeth. Most men end up going to the emergency room to have their skin freed. Wear underwear and zip with caution to prevent this injury.

Keeping the penis healthy isn’t rocket science. It involves avoiding injuries and keeping it in good condition by washing regularly, using it frequently and wearing protection. Another step men can take to promote peak health is using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a daily basis. A crème with vitamin E and Shea butter will keep the skin moisturized, helping to protect against chafing and soreness. Other ingredients like L-arginine and acetyl L-carnitine do their part to enforce circulatory and nerve health. Adding a crème like Man1 Man Oil into a man’s daily regimen can boost penis health and leave him both looking and feeling better.