It’s only common sense: A guy who is serious about good penis care is going to want to avoid any penis injury. When a penis injury occurs, a guy can be out of commission, which is no fun - and a big penis injury or a series of small ones can even do long-term damage. Clearly, prevention is the way a man wants to go here. And with that in mind, the following practical tips should be helpful.


- Watch the angle. One hears cringe-inducing tales of a guy "breaking" his penis, and while the terminology isn’t exactly correct - without an actual bone, the penis can’t technically be "broken" - the term gets the general idea across. This most often occurs when the penis is erect and it strikes up against something hard at the wrong angle. For example, a guy may misjudge his angle of penetration and thrust very hard into a vagina, only to come into swift contact with a pelvic bone. If he hears a "popping" sound, excruciating pain will follow almost immediately. So no matter how deeply "into it" a guy may be, he needs to make sure that his angle of thrust is on target.

- Wear a cup. No guy really likes to wear an athletic supporter, but they exist for a reason. They not only provide support so things don’t flop around too much, but they help protect a man’s favorite body part from fast-moving line drives and the like. Guys who play sports a lot definitely need to endure a little discomfort to prevent a serious penis injury.

- Lube up. It can be awkward, when a man’s penis is being stroked and rubbed by a maiden’s hand, to suggest that they add a lubrication into the mix - but if she’s a bit too rough, a guy just has to man up and say it. And there’s no excuse for a guy not applying enough lubrication to his own hand while masturbating. Too much friction too often can lead to peripheral nerve damage and a loss of sensation in the penis - something most guys really, really want to avoid.

- Be sensibly nude. There’s nothing wrong with being naked, but when in a natural state, be aware of any "dangers" that could come along. For example, if going to a clothing optional beach, be sure to apply sunscreen to that sensitive penis skin. Even after sunscreen has been , don’t leave it hanging out in the strong sunshine for too long. And if at a nudist resort, be aware that penis skin may be more susceptible to irritants and allergies - so keep the pollen off it, avoid letting it get nestled by long grass, etc. and definitely keep it away from anything resembling poison ivy!

- Beware of the zipper. Even guys who have been zipping their little buddy up for decades occasionally make a mistake and catch their penis right in the zipper teeth. Anyone who has ever done this knows how painful it can be - so no matter how big a hurry a guy is in, he should take that extra moment when zipping up or down to make sure everything is out of the way.

Sometimes, despite a guy’s best prevention plans, penis injury still occurs and penis pain and soreness results. In many cases, that pain can be alleviated with the use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The penis skin is going to be impacted, so definitely select a crème with a combination of soothing moisturizers, such as vitamin E (a natural hydrator) and Shea butter (a special high-end emollient). Also, keep the skin as healthy as possible by being sure the crème contains alpha lipoic acid. This potent antioxidant fights free radicals, which in turn can damage the skin through oxidative stress.