Alright, ladies, it’s time to talk about that irritating, off-putting little penis health problem that so many women have encounter. Yes, the subject is penis odor, one of those subjects that can cause a major rift in what might otherwise be a beautiful relationship. This little primer will focus on why men may have penis odor and what steps a woman can take to help fight this problem.

Guys don’t know

Amazing as it may seem to any woman who has had to deal with a strong penis odor wafting from a just-released manhood, the fact is that a lot of guys are totally unaware that their member is carrying around a particularly pungent aroma. But the truth is that most men are much more in touch with body odor emanating from their armpits and usually concentrate on solving that odor issue. Since their nose is so far away from their penis, they often are blissfully ignorant of the offense their equipment generates.

But why is penis odor so strong? There are a number of potential reasons.

- It’s just the heat . As is well known, heat tends to generate sweat, and sweat tends to lead to body odor. And unless a guy spends a lot of time naked, his penis is generally kept in a heat factory. Underwear, especially tight briefs or boxer briefs, provides a layer of warmth, and the jeans or trousers he wears on top of that just doubles the oven effect. The fact that the penis nestles between the thighs doesn’t help, as skin pressing against skin doesn’t allow room for air to get through. And unless a guy really manscapes, that thick thatch of manly pubic hair provides further insulation to add to the heat production. Even the erectile process is to blame, as the rush of blood that makes erections possible also adds heat.

- Hygiene can be a factor. Since the penis is already likely to be overheated, it doesn’t help when a dude doesn’t wash as thoroughly as he should. Layers of sweat build up, causing more and more stink to accumulate.

- Diet, too. What a man eats and drinks can also be a factor. Some foods (such as garlic, broccoli, asparagus, etc.) have a particularly strong odor when they are metabolized in the body. This odor gets passed on to sweat, and adds to the rankness of one’s penis odor.

What to do

It can be difficult to bring up penis odor with a guy. A woman may fear that she will insult him, but he needs to be told. Every situation is different, and some guys do prefer a direct and blunt approach. But more often it helps if a woman couches it in gentler terms, perhaps telling him that she loves being with him but that his penis has a strong odor which can be off-putting to her.

Once informed, what can a guy do? Several things:

- Wash more often , especially if he has been neglectful of his hygiene.

- Wear looser underwear and trousers made of light fabrics that can "breathe" more readily.

- Spend at least a couple of hours every day "airing out" his penis by wearing no clothes. (Sleeping naked is an easy way to accomplish this.)

- A woman can encourage him to fight penis odor by regularly using a first class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best crème for this purpose will include vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties that can fight persistent penis odor. Ideally, the crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, which helps strengthen delicate penis skin by fighting a major cause of oxidative damage.