Is there a man alive who has not been cursed with pungent penis odor at some point in his life? For some men, penis odor is unfortunately a frequent problem, and it may be especially so for those who are active in sports. Fortunately, taking steps to ensure excellent penis care can help to alleviate even stubborn cases of a rank penis smell - even for those who spend a lot of time working it in the gym or on the field.

The sports connection

There’s no scientific data to back this up, but it stands to reason that a guy who spends a lot of time on the football field or swatting the horsehide around is going to have the potential for a worse case of penis odor than a guy who sits around in air conditioned splendor all day. Being active, especially in hot weather, is going to increase the body odor potential all around, not to mention in the penile area.

Being physically active, of course, is a good thing; so guys shouldn’t forswear sports simply to keep their crotches smelling better. But it is worth a look at why sports may result in a more rank aroma from a guy’s midsection.

- Sweat. Here’s the biggie, of course. Sweat is the main reason why a guy’s penis tends to smell. Even without being physically engaged, conditions are ripe for sweat in the penile area. For one thing, the pubic hair in the area adds an extra layer of warmth that not only encourages sweat, but also catches and holds it in. The fact that the penis is (generally) kept under not one but two layers of clothing also increases the heat and sweat factor. Add to that the fact that many athletes wear jocks, the tightness of which pumps up the heat, and it’s easy to see why sweat pours out of this area. But many athletes wear clothing such as biking shorts that make the crotch even hotter still.

- Testosterone. Hey, testosterone is one of a guy’s best friends. It helps physically define the male, and it also is crucial for both sexual development and sexual performance. Getting plenty of exercise helps to increase testosterone levels. But this necessary hormone also tends to release a distinct odor. In small doses, it can be very appealing to a member of the opposite sex; but in too large doses, mixed with other sweat-created aromas, it can be off-putting.

- Locker rooms. Locker rooms tend to be hot and moist, the perfect place for bacteria to breed. Hanging out in the locker room, especially when naked or clad only in a towel, increases the chances for bacteria to cling to the manhood.

- Improper washing. Many gyms feature communal showers in which guys are washing up in full view of other men. In some cases, this can be a little intimidating to a fellow. He may feel very self-conscious about touching his penis in front of another dude. As a result, he may neglect to wash the area, or he may do so in only the most cursory fashion, rather than giving it the thorough cleaning it needs after a sweaty day on the court.


To fight that persistent penis odor, athletes need to do several things:

- Wash correctly. Even if embarrassed, take the time to wash the penis thoroughly.

- Dry. Drying helps prevent bacteria from accumulating after a shower.

- Powder. Consider using a gentle baby powder to keep the area drier.

Crème it. Penis odor, whether from sports or other sources, is less likely to occur if a guy daily uses a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The crème must include vitamin A (sometimes called retinol), which is blessed with potent antibacterial properties to fight penis odor. The best crème will also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps contain free radicals and fights cellular damage, enabling the penis to thereby better resist odor. The right crème can be an excellent soldier in the fight against penis odor.