Summer is a time for getting outdoors, swimming, sunning, getting physical - and coming down with a bad case of penis odor. Yes, it’s true that penis odor can be a concern for men at any time of the year, but for many, the summer months can take the situation to a whole new level. Now, as the days get longer and hotter (and a man gets sweatier and sweatier), is the time for all dudes to up their penis care game and make a serious commitment to de-stenching the junk.

Sweat happens.

Let’s face it, a guy’s drawers are a breeding place for penis odor. One of the primary reasons for this is bacteria, which naturally accumulates in places that are moist and warm; and that describes a man’s favorite body part to a T.

The "sperm factory" in the testicles is already a source of some heat. When the bushy pubic hair that many men exhibit is added in, the warmth factor goes up. Combined with not just one but two layers of clothing (in general) and the heat index skyrockets, creating copious amounts of sweat, and therefore bacteria - and therefore penis odor.

More than bacteria.

But while bacteria are a major player (and not the kind of player most guys want to be) in the odor department, it’s not necessarily the only factor causing a pungent penis. Sometimes there can be other issues at play. For example:

- Fungus. A fungal infection brings its own distinct aroma to the party - and it’s not one that most men (or their partners) find pleasant. Like bacteria, fungi thrive in moist, warm environments - so setting up shop in the crotch is second nature to them.

- Urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection causes a man’s urine to develop a palpable stink. Though most men do their best to keep stray drops of urine from lingering in the area, they rarely get it all wiped away. The dried urine in an infected state can make its presence felt easily.

- Diabetes. People with diabetes sometimes have ketone bodies, which result from the improper breakdown of fatty acids. These chemical compounds have a distinctive, unpleasant smell which provide another source for unseemly penis odors.

What to do

The first step in preventing or decreasing an overly-aromatic member is to practice good hygiene. Showering - or washing the penile area at least - once a day or more is recommended during the summer, especially for men who engage in frequent athletic activities. For those whose athletics extend to the bedroom, washing the entire genital area after sex is a requirement; the mixture of smells from vaginal intercourse and penile ejaculate can cling to the penis and intensify the rank odor. It’s also important to thoroughly dry the area to avoid encouraging fungal or bacterial regrowth.

Airing out is also very helpful. Men who are able to should consider sleeping naked, especially during the summer months, in order to help the crotch to benefit from a thorough airing.

Treat any secondary causes of penis odor, such as diabetes or a fungal infection. It may be necessary to see a doctor for proper treatment of such factors.

Eliminate outside factors that can contribute to odor. For example, smoking produces a nicotine-like smell in sweat. Spicy foods or foods with a strong odor (such as asparagus) may likewise impact the odor emanating from the member.

Penis odor may not fully respond just to such steps, especially during the summer months. That’s why regularly using a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) year round is needed. It’s essential that any crème chosen contains vitamin A, which is blessed with anti-bacterial properties that can help actively fight penis odor. It also helps if the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, which hydrosoluble and can offset oxidative stress to the penis cells while helping to ward off dryness or scaliness that can result from overwashing the penis.