Phew! When a guy removes his pants and is struck by his own penis odor, that’s a sign that the stench is off the bench. With summer and the official sweat season practically here, guys need to start thinking about ways they can reduce that nasty penis odor situation that all too often arises. Practicing proper penis care is a good first step, but sometimes a guy needs to take a look at the "big picture" as well.


Sweat is simply a fact of life, especially during the hot days (and nights) of summer. Sweat around the penis and balls is what primarily causes penis odor. The sweat carries with it bacteria, and that bacteria leads to an unwanted aroma. Curiously, although there is a distinct odor when a man sweats, the odor tends to increase in pungency after the sweat has dried and the bacteria is "freed" from the bonds of sweat.

To help eliminate some of that strong penis odor, it helps if a guy can decrease the sweat around the penis. There are several ways to do this that involve the penile area specifically, such as shaving the pubic hair and wearing loose-fitting boxers rather than tight briefs. But there are some things that involve the rest of the body that a guy should consider as well.

Use deodorant rather than antiperspirant

This may seem counterintuitive; after all, antiperspirant is intended to decrease sweat under the armpits, right? Well, yes and no. Antiperspirant doesn’t actually eliminate sweat so much as it displaces it.

When antiperspirant goes to work, it creates a layer of gel under the arms that essentially blocks the sweat pores. The pits still sweat just as much as always; it just doesn’t get released from under the arms. Instead, it gets transferred around the body, coming out in places that lack antiperspirant - like the penis.

Using a deodorant, which masks the odor rather than rerouting the sweat, can help keep more sweat from being sent to the penis and balls.

Cool the wrists and the neck

There are certain points on the body that have an "extra" reaction to heat and cold - and the wrists and the neck are two of them. When these body parts get hot, they spread a message throughout the body to sweat - and that message reaches the groin as well. Applying a little ice or a nice, cold washcloth to these points can likewise send a message to the body telling it to cool down a little. When sweat is becoming a problem, act on the wrists and neck.

Drink water

Wait, add water to the body, which can then come out as sweat? Yes, because a well hydrated body keeps the body temperature lower; a dehydrated person may actually sweat more (until the dehydration reaches a critical level, that is.)

Consider a little starch

Adding starch top shirts makes them less likely to stick to the body, which in turn allows air to circulate beneath the shirt and keep the body cooler.

Or go shirtless

When it’s socially acceptable, wear as little clothing as possible. That keeps the body cooler, producing less overall sweat - including in the crotch.

While other factors can contribute to penis odor, keeping total body heat and sweat to a minimum can make a big difference. So can using a top level penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a daily basis. In order to get the full benefit, select a crème that lists vitamin A among its ingredients. Also called retinol, vitamin A is celebrated for its antibacterial properties, which target odor-causing bacteria from sweat and other sources. It also helps if the crème contains moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E, which can keep essential oils from being "sweated out" of the penis.