Going on a date, especially a first date, means that a guy wants to be prepared to make the best possible impression. That’s why reducing the possibility of unwanted penis odor is so crucial for a man. When a guy has neglected proper penis care in this area, it can have disastrous consequences - sometimes even before the trousers come off.

First impressions count

We all know how important first impressions are. That’s why a guy takes the time to make sure his hair looks just right, picks out clothes that accentuate his best physical features and adds just the right amount of cologne or aftershave to give him a slight whiff of sensuality. Even when going out with a particular woman for the hundredth time, guys still want to make sure that they are as appealing as possible.

Unfortunately, rank penis odor can knock all those good impressions for a loop. Why should that be? Well, first because penis odor can truly be overwhelming. Most men are not aware of how pungent the penis can get when proper care is not taken with it. A guy becomes used to the smell of his own body. And the fact that most men’s noses rarely find themselves in close proximity to their own penis limits their direct exposure to the strength of the stench.

But beyond the sheer unpleasantness of an overly-aromatic penis, there’s also the message that it sends about cleanliness. A strong odor from the region gives out signals that this is a dude who does not pay proper attention to bathing and personal hygiene. A woman may think, "If he doesn’t take care to properly clean his penis, maybe he doesn’t take proper care in terms of keeping it safe from STIs as well."

Finally, a woman may simply feel insulted if a guy presents with an odorous member. "Am I not worth taking a minute or two to get clean for?" she may wonder and may therefore move the offending male to the "discard" pile.

Why the smell?

Why is penis odor such a problem? First, it’s important to note that a certain degree of odor is not bad; a faint whiff of pheromone-fuel can be valuable. What is being discussed here is odor that goes beyond this level.

The penis tends to emit odors because it is usually in a heated situation. Nestled beneath both a pair of underpants and a pair of trousers, it’s in a location where the heat factor is doubled. The presence of hair in the area adds to the heat, as does the rushing of blood to the penis during times of erection. All this heat creates a sweatbox situation, which in turn leads to odor.

What to do

There are several ways that a man can reduce unwanted penis odor. For example, sometimes eating too much of a food with a strong odor (such as asparagus or fish) can have an impact. The sweat that is released may carry some of that odor with it.

Airing out the penis can also help. Regularly spending an hour or so each day naked allows air to circulate in the area. (Doing this right before a date is recommended as well.)

Most important, however, is tending to the proper hygiene of the member. The penis should be washed regularly with a gentle cleanser or just warm water. If a man is intact, washing beneath the foreskin is essential.

Date night or not, penis odor care also benefits from the regular use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A crème with vitamin A will have anti-bacterial properties that can attack the root cause of penis odor. Eliminating harmful bacteria opens the path for a better-smelling manhood. If the crème also contains vitamin D, so much the better: this vitamin enables better cell functionality, helping to maintain general penis health. And a healthy member is a happy member.