The man cave has become an accepted part of bro life for men both young and not-so-young. Unfortunately, penis odor is also a part of life for many men, though it is not so readily accepted (nor should it be). Practicing adequate penis care is necessary for keeping rank penis odor at bay, but is there a link between an odiferous member and the time spent in a man cave? It’s worth considering the possibility.

The hangout history

The man cave has been around in some form or another for decades. Young boys often had their own version, usually a "no girls allowed" clubhouse or perhaps a very cool treehouse, complete with a rope ladder or rungs. In earlier years, the garage was often the place to find the man of the house hanging out and exercising his manly prerogatives. A study or den was another option, as were more public gathering places, like the local bar.

But with the possible exception of the bar, these places weren’t styled for grown-up males-only comfort in the way that current man caves are. The clubhouse or treehouse was strictly juvenile, and the garage wasn’t exactly designed for creature comforts. Studies and dens had the comfort, but they were still too much regulated by basic rules of the house; a guy could hang out there, but not usually in as relaxed and - let’s face it - untidy a way as most guys can in the modern cave setting.

Up to date

The new model man caves tend to let a guy hang a lot looser. They’re built for entertainment, a place for brews and bros - and definitely a location for serious game watching. Only the most conscientiously tidy keep the man cave looking neat and spotless; a stray sock here, a few empty beer cans there, and an overall musky scent are more or less expected.

But does that musky scent reproduce itself in the manhood area? It’s already well established that many men suffer from overt penis odor. It’s only natural. Guys keep their members buried underneath both a pair of underpants and trousers, creating a situation in which heat generation is more likely. Add to that the heat factor caused by the clump of pubic hair surrounding the area, as well as the heat caused by the whole package nestling against and being warmed by the thighs, and it’s no wonder that the male crotch is prone to sweating. And sweat carries with it bacteria which produce the unique aroma that attaches itself so easily to the male.

The man cave itself doesn’t increase that odor, unless it’s kept especially warm - which many are. But it may play a role indirectly. Part of being a guy with other guys is letting hygiene slide a little. Hanging out constantly with buds in the cave creates a situation in which a man lets his personal cleanliness slide. And that slide can give an extra push to the problem of penis odor which a guy doesn’t want.

Of course, a dude doesn’t need to abandon his man cave to fight penis odor; he just needs to be aware of the potential problem and take steps to address it. Practicing proper penis hygiene and washing the member regularly is an excellent first step, but he also needs to apply a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly. Not all penis crèmes are equal; what’s needed here is one that specifically contains vitamin A. Why? Vitamin A has known anti-bacterial properties which strike at the root of penis odor causes. It’s also crucial to use a crème with exceptional moisturizers. And why? Because regular washing of the penis may tend to dry it out a bit. A crème with a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E is excellent) can lock in moisture and replenish the hydration that harsh soaps deplete.