Unwanted and persistent penis odor can be an issue for a man at any time of the year, but the problem becomes more pronounced during the hot summer months. Even men who make penis care a priority can be surprised by the rank aroma that emerges when they take off their trousers. This is bad enough when a man is disrobing alone; it can be embarrassing when stripping down in the locker room in front of other men and can become an actual crisis when unveiling the penis as a prelude to a sexual encounter with a partner.

So many tests

When a man is first getting to know a new sexual partner, first impressions are vitally important. A man may pass the "attractive smile" and "witty banter" tests, but the game isn't won yet. He may subsequently lose (or gain) points for table manners, political views and a wide range of other topics.

Assuming that two people click and make their way to a more private, intimate setting, a man wants to continue to make powerful first impressions. His smooth way with kisses and gentle caresses may be solid, but what happens if, when he proudly unveils his manhood, its erectness is accompanied by an overwhelming and unpleasant penis odor?

It's natural

Some degree of penis odor is natural, of course. Unless a man is a nudist, the conditions under which his penis is kept encourage the accumulation of odor. The mere presence of a thick mound of hair adds heat to the area, and that heat is exacerbated by the practice of keeping the member buried beneath two layers of clothing. Heat, sweat and bacteria are the natural products of this situation. Hot weather makes it all much worse, which means that penis odor is likely to be at its peak during the summer months.

What to do

First, if a man is not already practicing appropriate penis care to avoid unwanted penis odor, he needs to start right away. For example, if he does not wash the penis on a regular basis, he should start doing so.

But there are other tips that can help, including:

- Wear lightweight, loose clothing. Heavy materials, such as wool, or synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, can add significantly to the heat level in the crotch, increasing the amount of sweat and the subsequent lingering odor. Lightweight cotton pants are a better bet. Loose clothing also lets the penis "breathe" more. Naturally, men who are buff like to wear tight clothes that accentuate their physical attractiveness, but finding an appropriate trade-off between tightness and resulting odor levels is crucial.

- Consider commando. Lightweight cotton boxers tend to be the best underwear option in terms of avoiding excess heat generation in the summer. However, going commando (wearing no underwear) should also be considered for those who are comfortable with this style. (Do be aware that some penises may be too sensitive for this option.)

- Air out in advance. If possible, spend an hour or two prior to a date totally naked and in a cool, dry environment. This can help to rid the organ of accumulated odor and allow a man to "start fresh."

- Regularly use a top-flight penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) - and not just in the summer. This is an essential long-term strategy, especially for men for whom penis odor is a persistent problem. A crème that includes vitamin A will possess anti-bacterial properties that can attack the root cause of many penis odor issues and decrease the resulting offensive aroma. In addition, the natural moisturizing components (Shea butter and vitamin E) in the best crèmes can offset the flakiness that can occur from washing the penis with a cleanser that is too strong and dries the skin out, even as it accumulates sweat. Proper and dedicated use of a quality crème like Man1 Man Oil can be a strong ally in the fight against penis odor.