When at one's job, there is often pressure to consistently make a good impression, something that can be affected by many factors - including penis odor. One's physical presentation speaks volumes not just about oneself but about the company for which one works; this is why many businesses have very specific dress codes, require neat grooming, etc. Penis odor is not something that is likely to be discussed, and many men are unaware that a rank smell may be emanating from their midsection. This is one reason why practicing exceptional penis care is so very important.

Does it really smell?

Many men are not attuned to the aromas that may be wafting from their crotch, just as they often are unaware that their underarms are giving off a strange scent or that the strength of their breath makes up-close and personal conversations difficult. This is not unusual because a person is typically accustomed to his or her own odors and so is unlikely to know when something is unpleasant.

Heat and sweat

It makes sense that the penis would carry around a certain amount of odor. After all, unless one shaves it, the penis is surrounded by a thick bush of hair that adds considerable heat to the area, promoting sweat and the odor that accompanies sweat.

In addition, the penis is most often kept locked inside two layers of clothing, creating a heat shield that encourages even more sweat. And the fact that the penis naturally heats up when experiencing an erection adds to the "heat wave" that exists in a man's crotch.

Mixed scents

Fortunately, most penis odors are only felt at "full force" when the penis is released from the layers of clothing that cover it. Unless one is an adult film star or works in a clothing optional environment, full-strength penis odor is not encountered at the workplace. However, even in a diminished form, it may be noticed and, especially when combined with overall body odor issues, can create a poor impression.

When is it noticed?

Penis odor may be on the subtle side; in some cases, however, it can be extremely strong. It is most likely to be noticed in a man's specific work area. If a man spends a great deal of time sitting at his desk, his chair and immediate desk area are more likely to absorb the penis odor. Sometimes, however, it may "travel" with the man as he moves from his desk to other work areas.

What to do

A certain "musky" odor about a man's penis is attractive to partners and, when too subtle to invade an office, is an asset. But if the organ aroma is an issue at work, here are some basic steps to take:

- Wash. Proper hygiene is absolutely essential to combatting strong penis odor. If possible, the area should be washed daily with warm water and, optionally, a mild but effective soap. The problem one often encounters here is that frequently washing may dry out the skin; however, using a moisturizing penis health cream can solve that problem.

- Consider shaving. Trimming or shaving the area bare may help decrease heat and subsequent sweat. Itchiness can be a factor with a shaved tool, but, again, a moisturizing penis health cream can alleviate itching.

- Cream it. That aforementioned penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) also needs to contain vitamin A to help reduce penis odor in the workplace (and elsewhere, for that matter). Vitamin A is loaded with anti-bacterial properties that actively work to cut down on unwanted manhood smell. In addition, as mentioned above, natural moisturizers (such as Shea butter, an excellent emollient, and vitamin E) in the chosen cream can address itchiness and dry skin. Using a potent cream to address penis odor can have the side benefit of improving the overall health of the member at the same time.