Ladies, there are many a delicate subject that has to be raised when in a relationship and one of the most common concerns the matter of penis odor. Even when your man is doing all the right things when it comes to penis care, he may still be packing a package that is unpleasantly aromatic. And what is a woman to do about this?

It's not unusual.

It would be nice to report that penis odor is a rare occurrence, but that is simply not the case - something many women can readily attest to. Sure, not every man has equipment that reeks whenever he drops his trousers - but many do. And many are simply unaware of this problem.

Why is it?

When one thinks about it, it's actually pretty natural that penis odor would be a problem. First of all, there's the nature of the beast itself, so to speak. Unless a guy is heavily into manscaping, the penis and testicles are covered in or surrounded by loads of pubic hair. This natural insulation creates a heating pad effect which simply invites sweat to make a guest appearance.

But that's not the only heat source. When a man gets an erection, blood rushes into his penis and becomes trapped there, which in turn raises the heat level in the area. So in addition to the insulation, the erectile factor plays a part in generating heat.

Then there's placement. The equipment hangs right up against the legs, so it also captures heat from that part of the body. And if those legs are hairy, that's more heat and more sweat. Add in the fact that the package is kept buried beneath (usually) two layers of clothing, and it's no wonder the groin is filled with sweat - which brings with it odor-causing bacteria.

Bringing it up

So how does one raise the delicate subject of overwhelming penis odor with one's partner? In an ideal situation, a couple is open enough with each other that no subject is out of bounds. In such cases, a woman needs to just frame the issue in an appropriate manner:

- Start with praise. When delivering difficult news, it's often good to soften it by framing it with some positives. Pick things that mean something to your particular man, such as "You know, when we're in bed together, you really take me to places I've never been before," or "When I see you naked, I think about how lucky I am!"

- Bring it up gently. Next, slide into the subject. "But, there is just one thing that I wish we could change because it would make things even better."

- Then tell. Now let him know what the problem is. "As awesome as your penis is, most of the time it has an odor that's kind of strong. I was wondering if there might be something you could do that could help with this."

Penis odor can be a delicate subject because a man may think it implies he is unhygienic when in fact some men who wash thoroughly and regularly still experience this issue. That's why all men should include a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) as part of their daily penis care routine. First and foremost, this crème needs to include a potent anti-bacterial ingredient, such as vitamin A. The proper bacteria fighter is crucial to preventing penis odor at the root and essential for success in stubborn cases. It also helps if the crème includes a combination of moisturizing agents (such as natural Shea butter and vitamin E), as their hydrating qualities can keep the penis from drying out if a man has used harsh soaps in his battle against penis odor.