Just because summer is over doesn’t mean a dude can rest easy when it comes to persistent penis odor. Sure, cooler weather does indeed translate into less sweat and thus less penis odor - but it still requires regular, basic penis care to keep the equipment from producing an off-putting stench. There are solutions to the penis odor problem, and it behooves a guy to explore and utilize them. His partner and/or future partners will thank him for taking the little extra time required.

Penis odor happens

Some penis odor is essentially inevitable, unless perhaps a man is a full-time nudist - and even then, some stench may still attach itself to his nether regions. So when looking for odor solutions, it’s necessary to understand why penis odor is so common.

There can be some atypical cause of penis odor, such as an STI (sexually transmitted infection), a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection. But most of the time the reasons are far more mundane.

Basically, sweat and dirt are the culprits. Sweat is entirely understandable. After all, the penis is most often kept tucked away behind two layers of clothing, which creates a heated situation. The fact that it nestles on top of a pair of testicles and between a pair of thighs creates more heat merely through skin-on-skin contact. Add in the insulation from body hair in the area, and there’s no wonder that the midsection can get so sweaty.

Dirt (and the bacteria that accompanies it) is also a factor. All men can be prone to dirt in the penile area, but intact men may have a greater challenge; smegma can build up underneath the foreskin if proper care is not taken.

Basic solutions

Knowing why men commonly have penis odor makes it easy to see some common sense solutions. These include:

1) Wash properly. Showering or bathing on a regular basis is essential to keeping penis odor at bay. If a man is too busy to bathe, taking a washcloth, soap and water and simply giving the genitals a good scrub can still help. For men who have serious sweat issues, it may pay to shower in the morning and do a quick washcloth to the midsection later in the day - especially if going on a date. However, remember that penis skin is very sensitive, so use a soap or cleanser that is gentle and doesn’t include harsh chemicals or fragrances.

2) Dress appropriately. Men who sweat heavily may want to consider changing clothes after work (and certainly before a big date), or at least changing into fresh underwear. It also pays to select underwear that will generate less heat. Tight briefs, for example, can increase the heat quotient; if a guy doesn’t need the support briefs supply, he may be better off with light, loose boxers. Make sure the fabric is cotton or another fabric that "breathes." Those who go with briefs may also want to consider ones in a "mesh" style, which let more air flow in.

3) Undress appropriately, too. "Airing out" the penis is a very good way to help keep odors away. Ideally, a man should let his penis air out for several hours each day; sleeping in the nude is one way to accomplish this.

4) Think about a haircut. If pubic hair creates too much heat, consider trimming it or shaving it off entirely.

The last of our solutions for fighting penis odor is to keep it in optimal health. Regular application of a first rate penis health crème ( health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin ) can be a big help here. It’s essential that the selected crème includes vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which enable it to punch out penis odor. Healthier penis skin is better able to resist penis odor, so the crème should also include moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter and vitamin E, which can keep the skin appropriately hydrated and healthy.