Heading out to the gym? Guys who take that extra step to keep their bodies in shape are to be commended. With obesity on the rise, it’s more important than ever for a man to work a little harder to keep good and healthy. But one problem some gym enthusiasts encounter concerns penis odor - and that’s one penis health issue that every guy is anxious to nip in the bud whenever possible.

Penis odor causes

For many women, penis odor is the number one complaint they have about their men - and often the number one reason why they may refuse to perform oral sex on a dude. Some women tend to be disgusted by it, assuming that it simply means the guy doesn’t know how to practice basic hygiene. What they don’t realize is that penis odor can happen even when a man showers every day.

Body odor tends to occur due to bacterial growth, and bacteria simply love to grow and thrive in areas that are warm, moist and dark. Sound familiar? That’s an apt description of most male crotches. Being tucked away beneath two layers of clothing (unless a guy is going commando or is a nudist), creates a situation that is both dark and heated. And that heat creates the sweat which provides the moisture component.

Add in a vigorous workout and the potential for heat and sweat skyrockets even more. Then try hanging out in a steamy locker room, and it’s amazing that a guy’s penis isn’t overloaded with bacteria by the time he leaves the joint.

What to do

So bacteria and the resultant penis odor are going to be a struggle. What can a guy do to help win the fight against penis odor?

- Wash even more. Most guys tend to take a shower after a sweaty workout - but it pays to also give at least a thorough sponge bath to the male equipment before beginning a workout as well. Also, some men opt to leave the gym directly after a workout and shower when they get home. They should try to avoid that; the travel time gives the bacteria an opportunity to sink and settle in, making it harder to get to them. Showering at the gym is usually a better option.

- Change clothes afterward. Thankfully, most men already know better than to take a shower and then get back into the sweaty underwear and/or pants they were wearing before. But for those that don’t already know this, start changing those clothes right away.

- Make sure the clothes are clean. It’s very common for a guy to change out of his street clothes into workout clothes and then back into the street clothes he came in wearing. But those clothes have likely already accumulated sweat along the way; it’s better to change into a fresh pair of clean clothes - at the very least, clean underwear and trousers.

- Use a fresh towel. Never use another dude’s towel. Either bring one from home or use a fresh, laundered towel from the gym. A towel that has been used by another person is likely to contain bacteria.

- Promptly apply an appropriate crème. Gym enthusiasts can help avoid penis odor by regularly applying a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) especially right after the penis has been washed and thoroughly dried. For penis odor purposes, the crème must contain vitamin A. This vitamin is respected for its potent anti-bacterial properties; applied topically in crème form, it hunts down and eliminates many of the nasty bacteria that create stench. For extra help, be sure that the crème also contains vitamin D, which is nicknamed the "miracle vitamin." Essential vitamin D fights disease and supports healthy cellular function, keeping the penis in better shape to resist odor-causing bacteria.