Women in relationships with men often find that talking about some subjects can be a bit difficult - and one of those subjects is penis odor. Even men who practice exceptional penis care may experience occasional bouts of penis odor - and may not even be aware of the fact. So if a woman is involved with a man whose member carries a very definite aroma with it, what should she do?

Why penis odor?

First, it helps for women to understand why penis odor is such a frequent issue with men.

As most people know, odor is frequently associated with bacteria - and bacteria tend to breed in areas in which there is a combination of both heat and moisture. Such a description fits the penis to a T.

The heat is the key factor here. The penis is (typically) hidden beneath not one but two layers of clothing, which ups the heat quotient right there. In addition, tight underwear increases the amount of heat, as does a thick thatch of pubic hair, which many men sport. Finally, the process by which an erection is achieved generates heat itself.

With all that hotness going on, sweat becomes a natural by-product. And with the sweat comes the odor-causing bacteria.

In addition, men who are physically active - running, biking, playing football, etc. - are going to increase the amount of sweat all over, including in the crotch.

Other smells

Of course, not all smells that emanate from the penis are necessarily bad. Men also excrete pheromones, which produce a scent that can be sexually arousing for many women.

But in addition to sweat, other things can contribute to penis odor. For example, a yeast infection (and yes, men do get those) can make an especially "fishy" smell. In addition, a man’s diet can contribute to his odor issues; some foods (such as asparagus) can produce a more distinctive body aroma.


Sometimes, that penis odor is a direct result of insufficient attention to hygiene. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the guy doesn’t wash; he just may not be aware of how strong the odor he gives off may be and so he may not wash as thoroughly as the situation demands. And sometimes even men who are meticulous in their hygiene may have a persistent penis odor, due to their body’s overactive production of bacteria. (These men will need to use an expert penis health crème, but more about that later.)

What to say

Bringing up penis odor can be difficult, but if it’s a real problem, women need to find a way to do it. In some relationships, the best approach is to be direct: "The odor around your penis is a real turn-off. We need to find a way to deal with it."

For men whose egos may be a bit more fragile, it may help to cushion the blow: "You are such a great guy and I really, really love how we connect when we’re in bed. But I’ve noticed sometimes there can be a little smell around your penis that I don’t like."

Telling a guy that he would be more likely to get oral sex if he could make his penis smell better is also an incentive to try.

Women can also offer to help with the penis odor by taking a shower with their man and offering to later help apply a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help eliminate the odor. This "hands on" approach can be very helpful. Just be sure that the selected crème contains vitamin A, which has superb antibacterial properties that can really attack stubborn penis odor. It’s also productive to use a crème with a powerful moisturizing component, such as the high end emollient shea butter and the natural hydrator vitamin E. Since thorough washing can rub away necessary oils along with the bacteria, the moisturizers can then help keep the penis skin nice and soft.