There’s nothing quite like traveling, especially when it’s for pleasure rather than business. Many men enjoy taking a trip; the chance to explore new places can be exciting and enjoyable. Sometimes, however, there can be some unexpected drawbacks to traveling. For example, it’s not uncommon for a man to develop a penis odor situation on a trip, especially if it’s of some extended length. Since all men want to address penis health issues promptly, it pays to take some steps to remedy the situation.

Why does it happen?

It may seem odd that a penis odor problem could arise while on a trip when one did not exist back at home, but it does happen. Interestingly, in some cases it’s not that the penis suddenly develops an odor while on a trip; it’s that the penis odor has previously existed but only becomes noticeable while traveling. This has to do with being in a new setting. Just as food may taste different in a different setting, so may an odor that a person has gotten used to. Suddenly, it seems strong and unpleasant.

But there may also be reasons why penis odor does pop up that was not there previously. Here are some typical reasons:

Relaxed hygiene. Often a guy treats a trip as a way to just let everything slide and relax - especially if he’s on a trip to a remote location, like a mountain cabin. Men who normally shower every day relax and go for several days without a bath. They may not change their underwear daily as they normally would, or if they find that they’ve run out of clean briefs, they’ll wear old ones rather than do laundry. Naturally, penis odor is much more likely to develop in such situations. So to avoid this, wash regularly and either pack sufficient underwear or be prepared to do some washing.

Hotel cleansers. Most men opt not to bring their own soaps and shampoos from home on a trip but to use those provided by the hotel in which they are staying. Unfortunately, sometimes the soap provided may not "do the job" that a guy’s penis needs, especially if he is prone to penis odor. Bringing along a bar of the usual lsoap to use just in case is a good idea.

Long travel times. Another thing that initiates a penis odor issue is taking a trip that involves lengthy travel times. Sitting on an airplane for seven or eight hours, or sitting in a car for an equal length of time, often creates a sweaty crotch situation. The double layer of clothing (underwear plus trousers) naturally creates heat, and that is only exacerbated by sitting for extended periods of time. It helps to get up and move every so often, but that is only partially effective. If a man is already prone to developing penis odor, he should consider bringing along a pair of underwear to change into while traveling in order to freshen up and keep the odor at bay.

One other major tip: When on a trip, be sure to fight unwanted penis odor by regularly applying a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) - something men need to do even when not traveling. In order to be effective, the crème needs to contain vitamin A. Why? Because this essential vitamin has quality anti-bacterial properties to fight many of the root causes of persistent penis odor. In addition, the selected crème should include vitamin D. This acclaimed "miracle vitamin" is well known for its role in promoting overall health; by keeping the penis in good health, it is better able to ward off errant aromatic invaders.