Every man has heard the term ‘blue balls’ and might have actually experienced it at one time or another. Penis pain that results from sexual frustration is a very real thing, though interestingly enough, there have been no studies on it and there are very few mentions of the phenomenon in medical literature. Though good attention to regular penis care can keep a man healthy and help prevent any other reasons for penis pain, blue balls is another beast altogether.

What are blue balls?

Though a man might say he has ‘blue balls’ when he has been rejected during a romantic pursuit or has been teased relentlessly by a potential intimate partner, the term is usually just a figure of speech, and not a true physical pain. However, some men do report getting so ‘worked up’ without release that they do have a dull, aching pain in the groin, especially in the balls. This pain might take some time to go away, and might not alleviate until a man ejaculates.

Why does the pain happen?

Here’s a surprise: Scientists actually have very little idea why blue balls happens. They know it’s a serious thing for many men (and it stands to reason that several of those researchers are probably men themselves, and thus they have dealt with the unique pain that blue balls can cause), but there have been no studies done on it.

Perhaps this is because men who deal with blue balls can readily ease the situation through release, or that blue balls doesn’t equate to any deeper medical issue that might send a man straight to the urologist with worry about what is going on down there. If it doesn’t seem to be a chronic issue, why do any research? That seems to be the common view.

However, there are theories as to why blue balls happen. It makes sense that as the blood builds up in the penis during arousal, it might linger there when a man doesn’t get the release he is anticipating. When there is no release, the blood drains more slowly from the area. That lingering blood in the area can put pressure on the balls, which then begin to ache.

Some men might experience serious penis pain along with aching balls. But then there are some very unfortunate men who might actually notice a blue tint to the area. If the case of blue balls becomes a case of the balls literally turning blue, it’s time to see the doctor. This usually means that the blood has been blocked from leaving the penis, perhaps by a penis ring or certain erectile dysfunction drugs.

Keeping the area as healthy as possible

Though penis pain and aching balls are common problems when a man is sexually frustrated, the problem can usually be remedied. Ejaculation makes a difference, as does the old adage about a ‘cold shower’ - though even a nice, warm shower can ease the pain and make a man feel like his old self again.

To promote even more healing, a man should seek out a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Specifically, a man should look for a cream that contains a proper mix of vitamins and nutrients, such as L-arginine for increased blood flow and vitamin B5 for daily maintenance of healthy tissue. Of great importance is acetyl L carnitine, an amino acid proven to protect against nerve damage and improve penis sensitivity - always an important step after a case of blue balls. These and other powerful ingredients should be offered in a high-end emollient, such as Shea butter, to help ensure skin stays as smooth and supple as nature intended.