From the moment a man starts comparing his tool to those of others, most men have a truly big penis as their goal. Even men who are already blessed in the endowment department tend to want more. Yet sometimes the extra large-sized member comes with drawbacks, among them the potential for manhood pain for the owner of that big penis. With that being the case, practicing proper penis care is a must.

No room.

One of the problems with a big penis is the question of how to pack it all in. When a man has a massive rod, he wants to make that fact known. Since openly displaying a big penis (or one of any size) is frowned upon in most public social situations, a guy tends to favor tight pants that highlight his sizeable bulge.

Unfortunately, with a well-proportioned pecker, finding pants that are tight enough to provide a showcase that still have enough room for all that mass can be challenging. Often the tightness becomes too confining, leaving the manhood no breathing room, especially when it's in a tumescent state. This can cause penis pain and discomfort, as well as considerable chafing. If the guy is going commando, that chafing can become a real issue.

No sex.

Even more problematic is when a man has a penis of such impressive length and/or girth that engaging in intercourse becomes difficult. Indeed, some men are so well-endowed that even oral sex becomes a challenge.

The vagina is a wonderful thing, and one of the most marvelous things about it is its ability to stretch. When properly aroused, the vagina is capable of accommodating almost all shapes and sizes of penises. But sometimes a penis really can be too big.

Let's take the case of a true "foot long" member. The main area of the vaginal canal is not that deep, so it won't be able to accommodate the full length of such a monster. However, during the heat of the moment, a man is likely to thrust as deep as he can, hitting the cervix. This not only causes penis pain in the male but can also be incredibly painful for the female.

A too-wide penis can also create barriers to pleasure. The vagina stretches considerably, but in some cases it can't become wide enough. Even when a vagina does barely stretch enough to accommodate a penis of enormous girth, it may still be so tight as to cause discomfort for one or both partners.

Take steps.

A man who possesses an exceptionally big penis must make sure that he is cautious in how deep and hard he thrusts and must always use plenty of lubrication. These are worthy recommendations for a man with any size of penis, of course. Also important: making sure that one engages in sufficient foreplay to allow the vagina to become as naturally flexible and accommodating as possible. Again, a man with a penis of any size should be attentive to foreplay, but it's especially the case for the man with a major endowment.

The owner of a big penis also needs to keep an eye on its health in order to avoid unnecessary penis pain. Therefore, making use of a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) as part of his daily routine is advised. Since the larger member may encounter more chafing and soreness, extra attention will need to be paid to the penis skin; keeping it moisturized is essential. A crème packed with hydrators like Shea butter and vitamin E can make a difference in skin maintenance. The penis may be subjected to rough handling when trying to squeeze it into smaller vaginas, and over time this can cause some loss of sensation. A crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine can help deal with issues related to loss of penis sensitivity.