Any sort of penis pain should be enough to concern a man. When penis pain happens only during urination, it is often indicative of an infection or other penis health condition that needs to be seen by a doctor. However, a guy might be really worried in the days (or even weeks!) before the appointment roll around. This is a quick guide to ease a man’s worries a bit.

Reasons for penis pain during urination

There can be many reasons for penis pain that happens only during urination. Here are a few:

- Prostate Issues. When the prostate becomes enlarged, it very well might be a benign condition. But it does cause problems with urination, including frequent urination at night, difficult urination, or pain with urination. Known as prostate hyperplasia, there are several possible ways to remedy the issue, often with medication.

- Sexually transmitted infections. Some infections that can be contracted from a partner, including chlamydia and gonorrhea, can lead to painful urination as well as foul-smelling discharge, itching and more. Prompt treatment is essential to solve the penis pain and preserve fertility and function later in life.

- Cystitis. When the lining of the bladder becomes infected, the culprit might be the bacteria that cause cystitis. However, there is another type of this condition, which doesn’t involve infection at all, but rather, inflammation and irritation. Regardless of the cause, a man can have this checked out by the doctor to rule it out.

- Urinary tract infections. The most common cause of penis pain during urination for men, a urinary tract infection means that bacteria has somehow gotten into the urethra and set up shop there. A doctor can run a simple urinalysis to figure out which bacteria is causing the problem and then provide the proper medication to clear it up.

- Yeast infections. Yeast infections aren’t just the bane of women! They can also affect men, especially if a guy has an underlying medical condition that makes him more susceptible to contracting a yeast infection, such as uncontrolled diabetes. Yeast infections, once diagnosed, can be treated effectively with over-the-counter medications. More stubborn infections can be treated through prescription medications.

- More minor causes. There are also some rather minor causes for penis pain during urination. A guy will know these are minor because the issue will go away after a few days, at the most. These might include overindulging with masturbation or coupling, especially without enough lube, which leads to irritation that then burns when urine touches it. Another cause could be severe dehydration, where the urine becomes quite concentrated and thus, can irritate the skin.

Easing the penis pain

In short, it’s going to be necessary to visit the doctor to figure out what the cause might be for the penis pain upon urination - unless, of course, the problem resolves on its own within a matter of a day or so. Before he goes in to the doctor, it might be helpful for a man to drink lots of water for hydration, as well as keep notes about the painful urination - how often, whether it’s getting worse, and what in his life might have changed to cause it, such as getting to know a new sexual partner in recent weeks.

Whether the problem resolves on its own or requires a long course of medications to help, a man can make a point of keeping his penis in tip-top shape - it might help prevent penis problems and pain in the future. He can do this with a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A guy should look for a few different options in the crème, including Shea butter and vitamin E for softness, alpha lipoic acid to fight free radicals and vitamin A to battle against the bacteria that causes unsavory penis odor. Other ingredients, such as vital amino acids and a range of healthy vitamins, can help improve a man’s penis health with every application.