The smart man knows that good penis care takes into account everything that affects the manhood, whether inside the bedroom or out of it. That includes being very safe in all sexual matters. Men know that a new partner means wrapping things up, so to speak - the use of a condom in sexual activity is the basis of good penis care and consideration for the partner. But what happens when the use of the condom causes penis pain?

Why condoms might cause penis pain

The most basic barrier protection is the simple condom with nothing more than a touch of standard lubricant. Most men use this type of condom with great success. There are many sizes of condoms available, as well as thicknesses. That means a man who is of average size can find a condom that fits him, just as a man with a wider girth can purchase the right size for comfort.

But sometimes a man makes do with what he has handy, and that might not be a condom that fits properly. Some men find that the standard condom size doesn’t work for them, but until they can get back to the store and buy the ones that do, they choose to go with the smaller version. This is a much tighter fit, and it becomes evident when penis pain results from the use. Besides that, using a condom that is too small can lead to the long-term pain of sexually transmitted diseases, as the condom is much more likely to break.

A man might also find that the lubricants used in some condoms don’t set well with his delicate penis skin. This problem becomes evident with not only penis pain, but itching, irritation, and even swelling or lesions on the penis. A man with an allergy to lubricants should always choose plain condoms, and apply lubricant himself if he knows of one that doesn’t affect his skin in an adverse way.

Besides the basic condom, a man who walks on the wild side might experiment with a variety of newer condoms that offer all sorts of perks. Condoms created with certain lubricants designed to give a little ‘tingle’ are popular, as are those with a variety of flavorings. Just as a man might be allergic to certain lubricants, he might also be allergic to the ingredients that create those colors and flavors.

A man might even enjoy the use of a glow-in-the-dark version or one that has a tiny sexual toy attached. In the case of tiny sex toys, such as an attached vibrator, a man might find that he suffers from residual penis pain after playing with these little enhancements.

How to alleviate penis pain

A man who notices penis pain after sex should examine his condoms carefully. If he finds that the condom is too tight or too big, it’s time to find another size. A man who notices skin irritation, lesions or a penis rash might be dealing with lubrication issues; he can look for a condom that has no added ingredients. And finally, a man who has penis redness and irritation might be looking at a latex allergy; if that is the case, condoms made without latex will be right for him.

The penis that has been damaged by condom use might need some extra moisture. That can be had with a great penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A man should look for a crème that contains soothing Shea butter, hydrating vitamin E, retinol for anti-aging and alpha lipoic acid, which is great for easing the damage that can be caused by penis irritation.