Many boys long for the day when they can "become a man" - by which they typically mean the day when they can insert their penis into a woman’s vagina. They experience what seems to be actual penis pain from the sheer longing for the experience. Intercourse is a big deal, of course, and rightly so, whether one is a randy teenager or a seasoned pro at the art of making love. Still, actual penetration is not always required for a couple to have fun, which is why many teenagers enjoy outercourse - rubbing the genitals together without penetration, often with both parties clothed. And many adults enjoy this form of sex as well, often as a change-of-pace from their usual sexual play. From a sexual and penis health perspective, there are advantages to outercourse - such as a decreased risk of impregnation - but there are some disadvantages, such as a penis pain that is different from that caused by unwanted abstinence.

Adults being teens?

While outercourse is probably practiced more often among teens - there are no reliable statistics that can definitively prove it, of course - outercourse remains on the sexual menu as an option that many adults enjoy, at least occasionally. Sometimes it’s a matter of practicality. A couple may get overcome with lust for each other while in a semi-public place. Removing clothing or even just extracting the vital equipment from the pants would be too risky and they are simply unable to wait until they get someplace private, and so rub against each other until achieving orgasm.

At other times, they simply decide to incorporate some outercourse into their routine for a change of pace. Alone in the privacy of their own home, it’s less likely that they would remain clothed, but they may still opt for non-penetrative friction simply to add a little variety.

Not without consequences

While outercourse is substantially safer than intercourse, it’s not 100% safe. This is especially true when unclothed. Even without penetration, the rubbing together of the genitals can cause the spread of some STIs (sexually transmitted infections), and though semen may be ejaculated outside the vagina, it is possible for some especially determined sperm to make their way inside.

If both parties remain clothed, the chance of infection or pregnancy drops significantly - although again, there remains a slight chance, especially if the man’s semen soaks through his trousers.

Penis pain

More likely to occur is penis pain, especially if the outercourse is practiced while clothed. With the erect penis rubbing and thrusting against the cloth of a guy’s underwear and/or the often-rough fabric of his trousers, there is a significant chance that the friction will cause the penis to become quite raw and sore. Even if both parties are bare, the unlubricated skin-on-skin friction can cause some discomfort. It’s also probably more likely that a man engaged in bare naked outercourse may inadvertently thrust at an unfortunate angle, which can cause severe penis pain.

Still, if a man takes a little care and doesn’t overindulge in outercourse, it can be a pleasant experience - one which may take him back to his teenaged days and makes him grateful that he now has more sexual options available to him.

Penis pain caused by too much friction and wear on the penis, whether due to outercourse or some other reason, can be helped by daily use of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . The raw skin needs to be soothed and moisturized, and that requires a crème with a "double team" approach to moisturization: both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrating agent (like vitamin E). In addition, the skin will respond to the presence of a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid. This can fight the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and damage and weaken penis skin, keeping it from restoring and rejuvenating to relieve soreness.