Even the healthiest man experiences some sort of penis pain or soreness sometimes; it’s just part of being an active guy. When a man practices proper penis care, penis pain is usually a transient affair with an identifiable cause. But in some cases a more obscure source may be behind the pain. Gabapentin is one such potential cause.


What is gabapentin? It’s one of the medications that belongs to the group known as anticonvulsants. Under various brand names, gabapentin is used as an anti-epilepsy medication. It’s also used for many non-epileptic issues, including nerve pain resulting from the herpes virus or from shingles, as well as to treat restless leg syndrome.

Created in 1993, gabapentin is also frequently prescribed to help deal with social anxiety and panic issues. The generic version is one of the more affordable drugs on the marketplace and is widely used; often it is prescribed for "off label" use, meaning to treat a condition or issue for which it was not specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Penis pain

As with all drugs, there are some side effects which are commonly associated with gabapentin. These include dizziness, drowsiness and weight gain.

The list of adverse effects also includes several that are sexual in nature. For example, some patients report that the drug has a negative effect on their sex drive, a result most men would wish to avoid. Also on the negative list for some: erectile dysfunction. Delayed orgasm or inability to reach orgasm may occur among users.

One study also found indications of what was classified as penis pain among some who use this drug. In this study, participants were asked to report any side effects that occurred during the time they were using gabapentin. This does not necessarily mean that drug use is responsible for the side effect, as there are many factors that can be responsible, including coincidence. However, there were a number of reports of penis pain from male participants in the study.

Younger = safer?

Most of the men who reported penis pain during the study were mature - 39% were in the 40-49-year-old age range and 26% were 50-59, with another 16% being 60 years of age or older. By contrast, only 6% of those 30-39 years of age reported penis pain issues. This may simply mean that as men age, they experience penis pain more readily - or it could mean there is a drug interaction that is responsible.

It also appears that if there is a penis pain link, it seems not to last. All penis pain side effects were reported only within the first month of using the medication.

Men on gabapentin who experience penis pain should report it to their doctor, who will determine if there is any cause for concern.

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