At one point or another, every guy's penis is going to ache, tingle or twinge. Pain down below is just a common part of life, and as a result, men tend to have a large number of theories about how the discomfort comes about, as well as how it should be banished. Unfortunately, many of these assumptions are just plain wrong. Five of the most common penis pain myths, along with some helpful tips that could steer men to the proper penis care, are described here.

1. Soreness is Always a Medical Emergency.

Pain is a normal and natural signal the body produces in response to an injury. These little sparks of discomfort are designed to force the brain to pay attention, and perhaps keep the damage from increasing. Pain signals like this should never be ignored, but they shouldn't cause panic, either. In fact, some cases of tingling and discomfort can be quickly treated at home.

2. A General Practitioner Can Handle Most Types of Penis Pain.

While many cases of below-the-belt misery can be treated with tender, loving, at-home care, some injuries are so serious and so severe that a doctor should be involved. Heavy bleeding, severe bruising, relentless pain and constant swelling are just a few symptoms that should prompt a guy to get prompt medical attention. However, it's vital for men to choose the right expert that can help them to find relief. Seeing a pediatrician, internal medicine specialist or an herbalist might not be as effective as visiting an urologist when a man's penis needs help.

3. Cleaning and Scrubbing Keeps Pain at Bay.

The fluids that dribble out of a penis, along with the various substances that might come into contact with these gentle tissues on any given day, can sometimes cause subtle forms of skin irritation. While rinsing those liquids away can keep the penis at least somewhat healthy, using a scrubbing motion or harsh cleansers could actually cause penis pain, rather than helping to prevent it.

4. Penis Pain Means an STD is Present

When twinges of pain strike down below, men are often quick to jump to the conclusion that contact with a partner is to blame. While it's true that some painful situations do arise due to infectious agents a man can share with a partner, many conditions are the result of something a man has done himself, such as:

  • Masturbating
  • Cycling
  • Going commando
  • Using fragrances or deodorant sprays that trigger a sensitivity down below

Before concluding that the pain is due to a sexual encounter, it might be best for men to really think through what might be behind their discomfort. A doctor's visit can definitively rule out an STD, and of course any sexually active adults should be tested on a periodic basis.

5. Using a Condom is the Best Way to Prevent Penis Pain.

Since many men believe that all causes of penis pain start with nasty contact with another human being, it's not surprising that many men believe that the best way to prevent pain involves sliding a cap on before getting busy. While condoms can help a man to reduce his risk of obtaining some kinds of social diseases, these little slips of tissue won't help him to keep all pain-inducing problems at bay.

Keeping the skin healthy, on the other hand, might provide a quick and economical route to injury prevention. Tissues that are smooth, soft and pliant are less likely to rip and tear when they're subjected to abuse, and they tend to be more receptive to the pleasant sensations associated with masturbation or sex. Getting skin like this is easy, too, particularly for men who use a penis health creme. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) are designed to nourish the cells of a man's vital tool, while emollients soften and smooth intimate skin. These products could be vital in the fight against penis pain.