Men interested in exploring new sexual avenues sometimes choose options that may cause as much penis pain as pleasure. Electrical self-stimulation is one such option; when used properly, it can be a boon, but improper use can result in discomfort, pain or other problems. Since penis health should always be taken into consideration, even when seeking erotic outlets, men who are thinking about this path should look into what’s involved.

How it works

Electrical stimulation has been used for years as a form of massage therapy for sore muscles and other physical injuries. The process is intended to send small electrical pulses into a targeted area, either causing the pain receptors in the nerves to temporarily "dull" or by forcing the muscles into a relaxed state.

When used for sexual purposes, an electrical stimulator is intended to "dull" the pain processors, which thereby allows erotic reactions to be processed more quickly. The arousal is therefore both quicker to occur and more intense. Many men who use electrical stimulation for masturbatory purposes find that it produces a "hands-free" ejaculatory response.


A conducting gel is applied to the penis, balls or other area where the electrical stimulation device will be used. In some instances, simple electrodes (such as those attached to the torso during a cardiac examination) will be placed over the gelled area. In other cases, the electrical stimulation is contained in a more traditional sex toy, such as a cock ring, penis sleeve or anal plug. They are then attached to a power source.

The power source is used to determine the intensity of the electrical stimulation that will be sent to the device, as well as its duration. The power source may be controlled by the user himself or by a partner.


While many men use electrical stimulation of the penis purely to increase the intensity of their sexual experience, others use it for more practical reasons. Electrical stimulation therapy is often used to help treat erectile dysfunction. In men with ejaculatory dysfunction, an electrical anal plug has been shown to help produce otherwise difficult-to-achieve ejaculation.

Use with Care

There is controversy over whether electrical stimulation should be used solely for sexual pleasure. Many doctors do not recommend this and believe that such stimulation should be used only under the careful supervision of a trained professional.

Some of the risks that can be associated with electrical stimulation include:

- Tissue damage. Providing too intense or prolonged a jolt can damage the tissue, in some cases severely. Those who use electrical stimulation should be very cautious of the level and length of use to avoid penis pain and injury.

- Cardiac trouble. Electrical stimulation should only be used below the waist, to minimize the possibility that the electrical current could interfere with cardiac function. Misuse may cause serious, possibly even fatal, consequences. People with pacemakers or cardiac issues should NOT engage in electrical stimulation for sexual pleasure.

- Surges. As with any electrical device, there is always the possibility of an unexpected power surge during use. It is recommended that the device be connected to a surge protector for that reason.

- Improper equipment. People should not create their own electrical stimulation devices; instead, only use those that have been professionally made and are intended specifically for use in sexual situations. Using electrical stimulation devices intended for other purposes is risky, as they may be set for levels that are inappropriate for sexual use.

Electrical stimulation for sexual pleasure is a personal choice, but one that must be used carefully to avoid penis pain. Even when properly used, some soreness may result, so using a first class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is advised. The best crème contains acetyl L carnitine, which has neuroprotective qualities to help restore diminished sensitivity from overuse. In addition, a crème with vitamin B5 (a.k.a. pantothenic acid) is excellent for ensuring the health of penile tissue. Liberal application of such a crème enhances the overall health of the penis.