Every man has penis problems from time to time. From that night he just couldn’t get it up for no apparent reason to ongoing issues with penis rash, irritation and the like, men often have to deal with a variety of issues concerning their manhood. Excellent penis care on a regular basis can help ensure fewer problems. However, a man who deals with several penis problems that seem to have no basis might want to examine aspects of his own life that might hold the answers.

Vices can lead to penis problems

Though it might seem strange to some, certain vices a man develops over the course of his lifetime can lead to serious problems with their physical health, and that includes issues with penis health. Here are a few vices a man should look at when penis problems show up.

1. Smoking. A man who lights up is a man who will eventually have penis problems. Blood flow is vitally important to ensure good penis health; smoking inhibits that blood flow. It might be very subtle at first, but several years of smoking will eventually take a toll, and a man might find that he has much softer erections, or even no erections at all. He might also deal with issues of penis health, such as unexplained rashes and irritations.

2. Drinking. While there is never anything wrong with the occasional drink, a man who drinks too much might find that he faces certain problems. These can include a hazy memory, headaches and hangovers, worries about what he did the night before, and of course, penis issues that can include problems with erections. A man who continues to imbibe more than he likely should could end up with long-term problems that need medical intervention to solve.

3. Overeating. That spare tire could mean problems in the bedroom. Because such a large portion of the population is overweight, a man might not think about that extra ten or fifteen pounds he’s carrying - until he starts having penis problems, that is. And even then, he might look to vices other than that extra slice of cheesecake before he zeroes in on what the problem really is.

4. Illicit drugs. Most men are probably aware that illicit drugs can do all sorts of harm to the body; in fact, some drugs are entirely unpredictable and can lead to long-term damage in all sorts of ways. These drugs might even lead to penis problems that are truly irreversible. Rather than play around with these substances, a man who values his health will steer clear.

Other issues that lead to penis problems

Penis problems can also be caused by things that wouldn’t be considered vices. A man who is on certain prescription medications might wind up having serious issues; this is especially true for the man who might be on antidepressants or painkillers. Other issues can include severe stress, which has an effect on the total body, as well as sleep issues, which can make a man feel so exhausted that sex is the last thing on his mind. Emotional well-being and issues with romantic partners might lead to penis problems solely on a psychological - not physical - basis.

A man who wants the best penis health possible can eliminate his vices, look into solving the other potential problems that lead to penis issues and start using an excellent penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). His careful attention will be rewarded with a boost of vitamin A for anti-aging, vitamin C for tissue health and healthy amino acids, such as L-arginine, for better blood flow. These nutrients wrapped up in a soothing Shea butter and vitamin E base can also ease minor irritations and redness.