Now that summer is in full swing, more guys are going to be outdoors for longer periods of time – because that’s what summer is all about. But the activity, the heat, the humidity, and everything else associated with summer can sometimes cause some penis health issues for guys to take into consideration. For better penis protection during the summer months, the following tips are recommended.

- Watch it while nude. We get it. Summer is the perfect time to run around naked. Everyone loves the feeling of fresh air on bare skin, and in fact airing out the penis is an excellent penis health idea – it helps dispel unwanted penis odor. But, whether hiking in a natural state, skinny dipping or tanning on a favorite clothing optional beach., take appropriate penis protection steps. For example, penis skin is especially sensitive to the sun, so if sunbathing, be sure to put plenty of sunscreen on the penis – and don’t forget the balls, either. Hiking is fun, but if the penis is bare, it’s more likely to come into contact with poison ivy or poison oak – or with common allergens that may not be as severe but which still cause an unsightly rash. And many who skinny dip figure the penis is underwater most of the time, so it’s safe. In fact, the water quickly washes off most sunscreens – and water can act as a kind of magnifying glass, making some sunrays more intense. Skinny dipping early or late in the day, rather than when the sun is hottest, is recommended.

- Limit pool fun. Everyone likes to escape the summer heat by spending time at the pool, if that’s an option. But do be aware that it’s easy to spend too much time in the pool. I’m not talking about penis and balls shrinkage from the cold water – that’s to be expected. But heavily chlorinated water can wreak havoc on delicate penis skin, drying it out and leaving it scaly and unattractive. In addition, when the penis skin is dried out, it can increase the need to use lubrication during sex, as much of its natural moisture is gone.

- BYOS. Bring Your Own Soap. Men with especially sensitive penis skin should bring their own soap and/or shampoo to the beach or pool for after-bathing cleaning. Although many facilities provide soap and shampoo, they frequently are on the harsh side and can bring about a rash.

- Don’t be afraid to change. Underwear that is – and frequently. A guy may be a “one pair of briefs a day” fellow during the winter, but he needs to be prepared to go to two or three (or, if necessary, more) pair during the summer. And to consider looser cotton boxers instead. Wearing looser underwear helps diminish sweat and changing frequently does the same – thereby helping to keep penis odor down to acceptable levels.

- Cut it. Speaking of penis odor, guys who have a crotch sweat problem should consider manscaping during the summer. Shaving the penis, balls and crotch down to the bare skin can help make the package much, much cooler during the summer. But even just trimming the hair can make a difference. And the less heat and sweat, the less penis odor.

These are but a few penis protection tips for the summer months. One other, very important one is to daily apply a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the member. With hydration an issue during the summer, it helps to select a crème that contains both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural moisturizer (such as vitamin E). It also is best if the crème contains a potent antioxidant, like alpha lipoic acid. This can help keep unwanted free radicals at bay and thereby cut down on oxidative stress and its damage to penis skin.