Many people find the nudist lifestyle very liberating. They often extoll the virtues of experiencing the world around them directly on their skin, without the artificial barrier of clothing between them and Nature. The way the sunshine feels, how they experience a breeze, the difference between various kinds of grasses rubbing against the skin - all are part of the nudist life for many. But during the winter, the nudist may need to take precautions – and men may need to guard their penis health from winter-related issues by practicing proper penis protection strategies.

Summer too

Not that the male nudist doesn’t need to worry about penis protection in the warmer months. When the sun is blazing, penis skin needs to be protected from sunburn just as skin elsewhere on the body. And the penis that brushes against poison ivy or poison oak is not going to be a happy penis.


But in the winter, the major penis health hazard becomes the intensely cold weather. Because of the cold (and ice and snow), many nudists retire to indoor-only nudist activities until warm weather returns. But there are many organized outdoor nudist events during winter. Polar plunges – jumping into ice cold waters – are popular, and hardly any more dangerous than those plunges in which people wear swimsuits. Naked skiing, sledding and snowboarding is increasingly popular. Some hardy souls still enjoy playing volleyball in the buff in winter, and it’s not unusual for a group of nudist friends to get together for an impromptu basketball game. And, of course, simply going for a walk naked (provided it is in enclosed grounds) is an option at any time of the year.

Penis protection

Since some male nudists will continue to enjoy outdoor activities at least some time during winter, what are some penis protection tips they should follow?

- Limit exposure. Just as delicate penis skin shouldn’t be exposed to brutally harsh sunlight for an extended period of time in the summer, so should it not be exposed to sub-freezing temperatures for very long. Moderation is the key – and the colder it is, the less time the penis should be out and about.

- Warm it up. Before venturing outdoors, warm the penis up. This may mean waiting until the last minute to disrobe or wearing snug, warm briefs until just venturing out. Outdoors, it may pay to rub the penis occasionally to keep it warm. This is easy to do when alone or with understanding friends; however, since rubbing the penis often brings about an erection and is often viewed as masturbating, this is not really an option in nudist groups, where genital manipulation is frowned upon.

- Bring cover-up. It may pay to have some form of cover-up along – a robe, a towel, a pair of underwear – just in case the cold becomes unbearable and one has wandered too far away from shelter.

- Watch out for signs of frostbite. The last thing a guy wants is a frostbitten penis, so know the warning signs. If the penis gets prickly and then numb; turns very red or then turns white, pale or bluish; or turns hard and waxy, then frostbite may have occurred. Basically, if prickliness or numbness occurs, or if the penis gets unnaturally reddened, it’s time to get inside before real damage occurs.

The male nudist who practices proper penis protection should also be sure to include in his regimen the daily application of a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Winter weather can dry out skin, so a crème that includes a combination of moisturizers, such as shea butter and vitamin E, is an excellent choice. The skin will be further protected if the crème also contains a mighty antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, to protect it from the ravages brought about by unwanted oxidative stress.