A penis rash can make a man simply miserable. The skin feels tight, raw and itchy, and giving in to the urge to scratch can make the problem worse. Without the proper kind of penis care, a rash can also grow and spread.

A doctor might need to help if a rash is particularly severe (and should diagnose the cause). But mild rashes often respond well to simple treatments a man can apply at home. Here are five great options for itchy guys to try.

1) Keep it Cool

Sitting under a heat lamp, laying out in the sun or relaxing in front of the fireplace can all make a man's itchy lap feel worse. That's because warm temperatures tend to make the blood flow faster, and that can kick up the urge to itch.

Using cooling treatments, on the other hand, can slow the blood flow down. That means there are fewer inflammatory chemicals at work, and relief might quickly follow. Using an icepack wrapped up in a towel can help, as can sitting in front of a fan. Anything a man can do to keep his tissues on the cool side should help with an itch.

2) Soak Skin in Oatmeal

While cool temps work best for rashes, a warm bath can sometimes provide relief, especially when the water is infused with oatmeal. This one ingredient contains elements that block itchy sensations, and the bath might help the skin to heal, so the rash begins to fade away.

Drugstores and pharmacies sell bath products that are filled with oatmeal, and they may be good options to try. Or, a guy can pour a cup of oatmeal into a clean sock and use that sock in place of soap in a traditional bath.

3) Try an Antihistamine

In addition to baths and cool packs, medications may also point the way to relief. Specifically, taking an over-the-counter antihistamine could be an excellent step for some men.

Antihistamines work at the cellular level, blocking specific chemical reactions that lead to the urge to scratch. As an added bonus, many of these medications also make people feel a little relaxed and sleepy, so they might be more inclined to ignore the tickles coming from the groin.

4) Wear Loose, Cotton Clothing

The clothes a man wears can also have an impact on the health of his skin and the deep-down urge he feels to scratch an itch. Clothes made of synthetic fibers (like polyester) tend to trap moisture and heat close to the skin, which means that they can make a rash much worse. Cotton clothes, on the other hand, have tiny pores that allow the moisture and heat to escape into the air, and that might make an itch easier to manage.

When a man has a penis rash, the clothing that covers his lap should be made of cotton. He should also avoid putting on additional, itch-producing clothing, including:

- Waterproof pants

- Plastic athletic cups

- Nylon swimsuits

- Latex condoms

Basically, nothing should stand between a man's skin and the open air, aside from a layer of cotton. Adding anything at all to the mix could make an itch worse.

5) Keep the Skin Moist

Itchy skin tends to be dry, and the top layer of that inflamed skin can flake away each time a man succumbs to the urge and gives those tissues a good scratching.

Using a lotion is vital, as these products seal in moisture, so wounded tissues have the opportunity to heal. Quality products also contain vitamins that skin needs in order to knit back together properly.

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. These products contain penis-specific vitamins that a man needs, with no perfumes or harsh ingredients that can make a rash worse. It's the perfect product for the penis.