A penis rash is more than a nuisance; it's a warning sign that something is irritating the skin. If men pay attention to that warning, they are likely to resolve the issue quickly. But if they ignore it, the redness, itching and irritation could stick around for quite some time. Often, the best penis care step a man can take in response to a rash involves finding the irritating agent and removing it — and that might be easy to do.

Below are five common household items that are associated with rashes in men. Throwing these things out right now could be a prudent first step in a rash-busting plan.

1) Perfumed Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

A man's tool spends most of the day touching fabrics. Underwear, swimsuits, sheets, towels and more rub up against a man's penile skin all day long, and if those fabrics have been washed in perfumed laundry detergent and soaked in fragrant fabric softener, chances are those materials could be irritating delicate skin.

Thankfully, there are laundry products that are made just for sensitive skin. They're typically labeled with words like "hypoallergenic" or "sensitive," and they could be great replacements for the irritating versions a man might be keeping in his laundry room.

2) Antibacterial Body Wash

Keeping things clean is great, but body washes with antibacterial ingredients can be too harsh for sensitive skin cells. They tend to abrade and dry out tissues, and the skin left behind can become raw and sore.

Mild body washes and soaps that are specifically crafted for dry or sensitive skin could be better products to use for all-over cleanliness. But when it comes to penis washing, plain water is best. The skin is often too sensitive for soap suds.

3) Exotic Lubricant

Adding lubricant to sexual play can reduce friction, and that can keep penile tissues healthy. But some products come with chemical ingredients, including:

- Flavoring agents

- Artificial colors

- Stimulating beads

- Harsh spermicides

These additions can make sex zippy and fun, but they can also cause penile rashes. Sticking with simpler products is a better choice for rash-prone men.

4) Body Cologne

A spritz of fragrance down below can keep a guy smelling fresh and clean all day long. But that same spritz can cause his penile skin to redden and itch.

Putting cologne on the chest and skipping the lap altogether is a smart move for men with rashes. Ideally, though, men with sensitive skin will omit colognes altogether. They are sometimes too harsh for skin, and the rashes they bring aren't worth the aroma they deliver.

5) Flavored Condoms

Infusing a condom with a flavor could entice a bit of oral play from a reluctant partner. But the ingredients that make a condom tasty could also cause penis rashes to erupt in sensitive men. That's why it's best to allow condoms to simply taste like condoms. They might not be exciting, but they don't tend to cause rashes.

Soothing the Itch

While removing potential offensive household items is a good first step, men with rashes also need to allow their sore skin cells to heal in order to fully recover from a rash. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can make that easier. Products like this contain the emollients sore and dry skin really needs. In addition, the dose of vitamins in each application can provide tissues with the building blocks needed for new skin cells to grow and replace those that have been damaged. A daily application of a product like this can leave skin healthier than ever before, and that could help usher a rash away.