The holidays are here and with them come plenty of gifts for many men. Receiving gifts is always nice, but not when those gifts may contribute to an issue - such as, say, unwanted penis rash. (Not that there is such a thing as a WANTED penis rash, of course.) Maintaining good penis health requires conscientious effort, and that can extend to realizing that some gifts may not be good for the health of a guy’s favorite organ.

What are some of the neatly-wrapped items that a man may want to think twice about using? A sample includes the following:

- Free laundry service. On the surface, this can be a dream come true for many bachelors. Who has time to do their own laundry as often as they would like? (Answer: just about nobody.) The thoughtful and generous person who arranges for someone else to do a guy’s laundry - whether as a one-time thing or on a regular basis - really put some thought into the gift and it would be churlish to turn it down.

However - big laundry services often use bargain brand detergents which may contain harsh chemicals and heavy fragrances. They get the job done, definitely - but the residue that they leave on underwear and pants may provoke a penis rash on sensitive manhood skin.

There are several solutions. Ask ahead of time about the cleansers the service uses. See if they have some "sensitive skin" alternatives. Or send out the laundry but leave the underwear out and do it at home.

- Body cologne. Yeah, dudes’ bodies can sometimes carry around a distinct odor - and that goes double for men’s members. But spraying cologne on the manhood not only burns like crazy, it also can cause an allergic reaction. The rash is not worth it, friends. If a girlfriend gifts this, use it elsewhere on the body - but leave the member alone.

- Out-of-the-ordinary sexual lubricants. Now, this is a nice surprise to get in one’s stocking - on the surface. It sure indicates interest from one’s partner. But as with the body cologne, there can be an issue with ingredients that interact negatively with the penis skin. Best advice? Try it out with a masturbation session to see if any irritation occurs. If it does, explain gently to the gift giver that the thought is enormously appreciated but that a simpler lube may be a better bet for future coupling exercises.

- Penis sheaths. Adding sex toys into a couple’s activities is an excellent idea - and a penis sheath may be ideal for many men. However, some men do find that use of an ill-fitting sheath creates an unpleasant rubbing sensation that may cause irritation and a subsequent penis rash. It’s worth trying it out to see how it fits, but long-term use may need to be curtailed.

Thoughtful gifts need to definitely be acknowledged with proper sensitivity, but a guy also needs to take steps to make sure that a penis rash or other issue doesn’t result. Fortunately, when rashes or other minor skin irritations occur, regular use of a first-rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to repair the damage. A good penis health crème maintains the health of the organ while helping to soothe rashes and irritation. If the crème contains a combination of moisturizers - such as Shea butter (a high-end emollient) and vitamin E (a superior hydrator) - it is well-positioned to pamper the penis skin in a positive and healing manner. A crème that also includes a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid, will offset any harmful oxidative processes in penis cells, helping to keep the organ in better condition. Man1 Man Oil is an excellent gift for a man to give himself.