Penile health is a serious subject and although men may feel embarrassed about it, it is important to keep an eye on the health of your penis. Occasionally, a man may experience a slight rash or redness to his penis and although this is nothing unusual, it is a good idea to be educated about the causes of this issue and how they can be combated. Also men should practice a regimen of daily penis health care that includes application of a penis creme that contains penis specific vitamins and minerals.

What Causes Penis Rash?

Penis rash is typically a series of blotches or marks that appear on the penis and are visible to the naked eye. Frequently they only appear after intercourse, although in some cases they are visible constantly. There are a number of causes of penis rash in adult males:

- Phimosis / Paraphimosis - this is a condition where certain areas of the foreskin are tightened to an abnormal degree, stretching the skin of the penis and causing an unhealthy rash. It typically occurs in uncircumcised men when the foreskin cannot be pulled back over the glans of the penis

- STDs - sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis can often cause a rash on the penis. Syphilis is contracted from the bacteria treponema pallidum, most commonly from unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex with a partner infected with disease.

- Extensive Masturbation – too frequent masturbation, that is, masturbation in excess of once daily, or particularly aggressive masturbation, can cause the skin of penis to become irritated and appear red, irritated and perhaps even sore.

What Causes Penile Redness?

There are similarly a variety of issues that may lead to redness of the penis, and these should be kept an eye on to ensure good penis health:

- Sexual activity - for the most part, penile redness is commonly caused be excessive periods of reproductive activity. This redness can be particularly acute when lubricant is not used, forcing the penis to sometimes rub against dry areas or hard skin

- Balanitis - this condition can either be caused by poor hygiene standards or by having sex with a partner who has thrush. Wash your penis regularly to protect against this illness, and have your partner checked for sexual diseases and thrush symptoms

- Allergies - redness of the penis may be caused by simple allergies, most notably an allergy of latex which is experienced when a condom is used

- Jock itch - this is the name of a fungal infection that can breed in warm, moist areas. This can often be cured by using a special kind of anti-fungal cream or by using fresh towels whenever you wash to ensure the infection doesn’t spread

How to Cure Penis Rash and Redness

The variety of causes of diseases can be resolved with a simple diagnosis and treatment. However, keeping your penis clean and using a penis health creme will reduce the risk of experiencing a majority of the symptoms that are not disease related. Moreover, you should be sure to use an emollient (health professionals recommend Man1 man Oil) on penis skin every day. Not only will this help protect your penis during periods of masturbation, but will also help your penis absorb vital anti-oxidants and amino acids, vitamins and minerals..


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