A guy’s manhood is one of his most valuable attributes, and so things which can mar its appearance - such as a penis rash - are best avoided, and treated if they can’t be prevented. Practicing basic penis care is essential to keep one’s member devoid of rashes, and these tips can help with that.

Don’t mangle the manscaping.

Manscaping - that is, shaving the penile area, either smooth or closely-cropped - is an increasingly popular way for men to show off their goods to partners. Many men (and their partners) appreciate the way it makes their manhood look; many also like the way the smoothness feels during sexual play.

Sometimes, however, a guy doesn’t handle the razor the right way, uses a razor that’s not as finely honed as it should be or uses a shaving cream that irritates his sensitive skin. Any of these options can bring on an irritating rash that makes all that bare skin look red and splotchy - not the desired effect. Being careful when grooming is key to preventing an unwanted penis rash.

Dress right.

Going commando is another popular pastime for many guys. There’s a great feeling of freedom in walking around with no underwear to get in the way. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure of the bare penis skin to the rough fabric of denim jeans or wool trousers is an easy way to bring about a penis rash. If a guy enjoys letting things hang loose, he needs to indulge this pleasure (like all pleasures) in moderation.

Dress the penis right, too.

Letting the penis go commando during sex - that is, not using a condom - can also lead to a rash, and much worse. The rash that may accompany an STI can be annoying, but it’s the least of concerns a guy who contracts an infection may have. Wearing appropriate protection in appropriate situations is a no-brainer.

Clean it up.

Probably the easiest thing that a guy can do to help prevent a penis rash is to simply make adequate hygiene a priority. Taking a shower or bath regularly is crucial for overall body health, as well as penis health. The sweat that forms so readily around and on the penis is a breeding ground for bacteria, and bacteria on sensitive skin is a rash just waiting to happen.

One thing to remember, however: While washing regularly is essential, penis skin is very sensitive. That means: Make sure the soap that one uses is mild and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or strong fragrances. If the soap is too overpowering, it can damage the skin. By the same token, wash with warm water but not with hot water. Hot water actually dries out the natural oils that the skin needs to keep moist.

Use lube.

Friction is a key component of sex, but when sex (whether with a partner or with one’s own hand) is too dry, it causes abrasions on the skin and subsequent rashes. Using a good lubricant can help when natural fluids are not enough to get the job done.

Prevention of a penis rash can keep a guy feeling proud of his member. For extra protection, regular application of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is well advised. A crème with a combination of a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) can provide dual-action moisturizing, both helping to prevent a rash and alleviating rashes that do appear. Guys should also select a crème with vitamin D, hailed by many as a "miracle" vitamin because of its role in keeping penis skin and cells healthy.