While a visit with a doctor is typically recommended for men with a penis rash, particularly if that irritation is a new occurrence, reading up on what other guys have experienced and what penis care tips they used can sometimes be helpful. In this article, one man answers questions about his penis rash and reveals the steps he took in order to bring his skin back to a healthy, responsive place.

Q. How did the rash start?

"I first noticed symptoms after I had unprotected sex with a girl I met at a party. Normally, I don't do this sort of thing, but I sort of went with the feeling, and we had pretty great sex. A few days later, though, I felt like something was a little different."

Q. What symptoms did you see?

"I got an irritated, red rash that went all along the underside of my penis from the tip to the base. It was raised and bumpy, and while it didn't really itch as I went about my day, it hurt like hell if I tried to have sex or masturbate."

Q. Did you go to the doctor?

"You bet I did! That sort of penis rash freaks me out, and I felt like I needed someone to give me a diagnosis and a medication so I could get on with my life and go back to my normal routine."

Q. What happened in your appointment?

"I was tested for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases by blood tests and swabbing. Some of these tests were a little painful, but I was happy to get them done, as I thought I'd get some clear answers and quick treatments that could help me. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out that way."

Q. What happened next?

"All of my STD tests came back clean, so my doctor gave me some antibiotics and creams to try. I did use them, but the rash didn't seem to clear up completely. It wasn't quite so red, and it didn't hurt as much, but my skin was not as smooth as it used to be. Pretty embarrassing"

Q. Did you try anything else to clear it up?

"When I went back to the doctor, we started talking about other issues that might have caused the rash. Some of the things he mentioned could cause the problem included soaps, what laundry detergent I was using, body fragrances, lubes, and so on. He tried to get me to really think about what sorts of elements I was putting in contact with my penis, and I started to cut out anything that might be even a little bit irritating."

Q. What did you change?

"I went into hypoallergenic mode, and I tossed out a bunch of products that my doctor thought could be damaging. Then, I started really focusing on the health of my skin, boosting my immunity from the inside so I wouldn't be so prone to irritation and skin reactions in the future. That really made a difference for me."

Q. How is your skin now?

"Great! I finally found the source of the rash (a new bath soap I had bought, as it turns out), and now that I take better care of my skin, I can feel all sorts of things I hadn't been able to feel before."

Good Lessons

As this man’s experience makes clear, penis rashes can stem from all sorts of things a man might easily ignore, and a doctor is sometimes a helpful partner for men who want to heal. Also, supporting skin health through close attention to the products applied to the skin is remarkably important. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help in this respect. Quality products that are enriched with target vitamins and other nutrients can support healthy tissue, provide vital moisture, and keep the skin looking and feeling its best.